Does Bushnell Launch Pro work with GSPro?

GSPro is one of the most popular golf simulation software options out there and for good reason. There are hundreds of super realistic golf courses to play and plenty of options to connect and play with others online.

GSPro officially supports several launch monitors including Uneekor, Flightscope, Ernest Sports and now Foresight / Bushnell!

If you own a Bushnell Launch Pro you may be a little skeptical about using it with GSPro but I’m telling you it is super simple to connect.

It’s actually super quick to install and start playing within minutes of your purchase.

On this page I’m going to outline the steps for you so you can enjoy over 600 different courses on GSPro with your Bushnell Launch Pro.

Favorite Multi-Use

Bushnell Launch Pro

Our favorite launch monitor for those that want portability but excellent use in a golf simulator!

1.) A Gold subscription for your Bushnell Launch Pro is required.

Only an active Gold subscription allows your Launch Pro to connect to 3rd party software such GSPro and Awesome Golf.

If you previously unlocked your Launch Pro you will still be able to connect to 3rd party software as well.

2.) Purchase your GSPro license from Foresight Sports

You can purchase your subscription from Foresight Sports here.

You’ll be required to enter your Launch Pro’s serial number to checkout.

Once Foresight validates that you have an active gold subscription they will email you a $250 voucher that you can use on

3.) Download GSPro using the license key and instructions emailed to you.

You’ve received your $250 voucher from Foresight and paid for your subscription through

You will receive an email with a license key, a download link, instructions and a quick start guide. Complete the download and installation of GSPro.

That’s it, you’re done! Enjoy playing hundreds of golf courses on GSPro using your Bushnell Launch Pro. To get started check out list of best GSPro courses!

Existing GSPro Users Using Game Changer and Open API

Many Bushnell Launch Pro users were already using GSPro through its Open API connection and a community created app known as Game Changer.

After October 9th 2023 that method will no longer work and you will need to switch over to the official Foresight / Bushnell connection to GSPro.

To do this you will need an active Gold subscription from Bushnell (or unlocked unit).

1.) Use the GSPro License Update Tool to update your license from Open API to Foresight / Bushnell.

2.) Open GSPro and hit “Clear Settings” on the Open API connection window.

3.) Go into GSPro Settings > Game > Hit the “Reset GSPro Connect” button

gspro game settings

4.) A new window will open and you should be able to choose Foresight as an option.

5.) The Foresight / Bushnell connect window will open. Click on the Connection Manager tab and connect your launch monitor.

foresight gspro connector

Video with Walkthrough

Join the Simulator Golf Tour’s Discord group.

The Simulator Golf Tour is a separate organization that hosts competitive tournaments on GSPro. There are multiple tours you can join depending on your skill level or preferences. 

Discord is essentially a website that hosts chat rooms and the Simulator Golf Tour uses Discord for most communication and discussion. 

Joining the Simulator Golf Tour to play in tournaments requires a membership fee and is optional. Anyone can join the Discord (without paying) and this is where you can find plenty of GSPro discussion and community support.

You simply need to join the Simulator Golf Tour Discord group here:

Learn more about the SGT Discord group and what’s in it here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What subscription do I need for my Bushnell Launch Pro to work with GSPro?

You need an active GOLD subscription to connect to third party software such as GSPro.

What if I have multiple launch monitors or change launch monitors in the future? Do I need to buy GSPro again?

No. Simply email GSPro support and let them know which launch monitors you have. They will add the correct connection options to your license. For example, I selected Flightscope when I purchased GSPro and then emailed them letting them know I also have a Uneekor Eye Mini. They added the Uneekor option to my license within an hour. Now I have the option to use either one with GSPro.

Is GSPro worth it?

In my opinion, absolutely. I found it to run easier on my computer than FSX Play and for $250 I have access to over 600 golf courses with new ones being released constantly. I don’t think there is a better option for golf simulators and it’s only getting better.

Where do I get support if I’m having trouble connecting my Bushnell Launch Pro with GSPro?

The best place to ask is in Discord in the # gc3-blp-discussion thread just below the connection thread. There are always people online available to help.

You can also try GSPro Support.

Can I run GSPro on my phone or tablet?

No. GSPro like most high-end golf simulator programs requires a gaming pc with a good graphics card. You should review the minimum system requirements under the FAQ on

GSPro actually has quite a few graphics quality settings so if your computer’s GPU isn’t great you can try running it on a lower setting. If you’re looking to purchase a new gaming computer check out this article on computers for golf simulators.

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6 thoughts on “Does Bushnell Launch Pro work with GSPro?”

  1. The comment states that you only need the BLP basic plan when using GSPRO but I have heard that it requires the Gold plan. This is a major part of my decision on which launch monitor I’m going to get. Want the BLP and the GSPRO but don’t want to have an annual bill of $700 for gold and $250 for GSPRO. Can you confirm the GSPRO works with BLP basic?

    • I have never seen anyone say that a gold plan is required to connect to GSPro. According to folks on the SGT Discord the basic subscription is still working fine BUT I’ve always told people there’s no guarantee that won’t change in the future. There was an official integration with Foresight announced earlier this year with no other details. Nobody knows if that is still in the works, on hold, or what it will mean for BLP subscriptions. About a week ago the SGT was asked by foresight to remove the info for the Game Changer app (which is what you need to connect the foresight launch monitors to GSPro) from their discord. You can still download it from YouTube (see my March 2023 edit in the article) and it still works fine.

      That’s about all anybody knows about it. It is risky right now because of the uncertainty. There’s always the chance that nothing will change or if it does maybe they would grandfather in the existing basic plans??


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