Bushnell Launch Pro vs Foresight GC3 Comparison

This is a comparison between the Bushnell Launch Pro vs Foresight GC3 launch monitors.

Purchasing a high dollar launch monitor can be a big decision and I have spent quite a bit of time researching almost everything on the market. I’ve also purchased and used multiple from different brands for use in my home golf simulator.

The Bushnell Launch Pro and Foresight GC3 comparison is one that can make you think pretty hard as they are literally the same unit. Foresight Sports was purchased by Bushnell Golf’s parent company, Vista Outdoors, and subsequently Bushnell released the Launch Pro. 

The Launch Pro is the Foresight GC3 with the only differences being the logos on the unit and the pricing structure.

Some golfers choose to use their launch monitors only outdoors while others only use them indoors in golf simulators. Depending on your needs, location, and budget one of these will be better suited for you.

I chose the Bushnell Launch Pro as the better option for most golfers but that won’t be the case for everyone. Keep reading to compare the two and decide which makes sense for you.

Overall Winner

Bushnell Launch Pro

Bushnell Launch Pro & Foresight GC3 Hardware

As mentioned above, they are both the same exact launch monitor manufactured by Foresight Sports

In this section we’ll cover the features of the launch monitor itself which are the same for both brands.

The launch monitor is camera-based rather than radar-based like the Trackman, Mevo+ and Garmin R10 launch monitors. Camera-based launch monitors use multiple cameras to take multiple photos of the golf club impacting the golf ball. 

From this information at impact, the launch monitors software can determine the resulting full ball flight.

Foresight Sports specializes in camera-based launch monitors with their top of the line unit being the GCQuad. The GCQuad is used by many PGA Tour golfers and uses 4 cameras rather than the 3 camera system in the Foresight GC3.

The Bushnell Launch Pro / Foresight GC3 can be used both indoors in a golf simulator or outdoors at a driving range. 

bushnell launch pro vs foresight gc3

They have a fantastic battery life, estimated at 5-7 hours of use. This blows away the Mevo+ which has battery life of 1.5 (during simulator play) to 2 hours.

To read more about the features of these launch monitors, check out our full review.

The Winner: Both

Region Availability

The Foresight GC3 is available for purchase and use throughout the world, including the U.S.

The Bushnell Launch Pro is ONLY available for sale and USE in the United States. It is region-locked and requires that an internet connection be made within the United States every 45 days. If this internet validation does not occur the device will be locked from making any connections to apps or software. 

Now you’re probably thinking that you can just use a VPN to mask your location but according to Bushnell’s website, it won’t work and it may result in your device being locked.

The point here is that if you aren’t in the U.S. the decision is easy, you can’t go with the Launch Pro.

The Winner: Foresight GC3

Software and Pricing

Here is where the real difference between these two is.

If you purchase the Foresight GC3 it is sold at a fixed price which includes access to all of Foresight’s software including:

  • FSX Pro
  • FSX 2020
  • FSX Play
  • Foresight Fairgrounds
  • Foresight Sports Performance App

Depending on the package you choose you can either get 10 or 20 simulation courses with your bundle.

FSX Play golf simulation software

The Bushnell Launch Pro is sold at a base price plus an annual subscription.

There are 3 levels of annual subscription that you can go with:

Basic: $249/yr (free the first year)
Gives you access to the FSX Pro iPad app and Performance Fitting iPhone app.

Silver: $499/yr
Gives you access to all of their software including FSX 2020 and FSX Play with 5 included golf courses.

Gold: $699/yr
Gives you the same as silver but a total of 10 included golf courses and a few other features within FSX Play like number of saved clubs and number of players in a game.

So with a Bushnell Launch Pro and a Gold subscription you will have exactly the same offering as the Foresight GC3, the only difference being the pricing structure. 

In terms of software & pricing between the two, you have the option of choosing a subscription level with the Launch Pro that fits your needs whereas with the GC3 it’s basically all or nothing.

The Winner: Bushnell Launch Pro

Bushnell Launch Pro vs Foresight GC3: The Winner

After reviewing the offering from both versions of this launch monitor I selected the Bushnell Launch Pro as the overall winner.

The reasons being the lower cost of entry and the flexibility to choose a subscription that meets your needs. I think this is the best choice for most people but certainly not all.

The Foresight GC3 is best for

Obviously it’s going to be best for those outside the U.S. (since they don’t have the choice) but also for those that are uncomfortable with having an annual subscription.

Plenty of people would rather purchase their launch monitor and have full access to all its available software without question.

International Pick

Foresight GC3

  • Available worldwide
  • No subscription
  • Full use of Foresight simulation software included

The Bushnell Launch Pro is best for

Those that:

  • Want a lower initial cost
  • Don’t want to use it as a golf simulator. For example, you only want to use it at the driving range or on course. In this case you can go with the basic subscription and not have to pay for simulation software you don’t want.
  • Prefer to use a different golf simulation software like GSPro. In this case you only need the basic subscription and don’t need to pay for Foresight’s simulation software.
  • Think you will own it less than 5 years. At the current prices for both launch monitors it will take 5 years of Gold subscription to make up the difference in price between the two. At a Silver or Gold it will take even longer.

Keep in mind that Bushnell could always change the pricing and structure of their subscriptions so there’s no guarantee it will always stay the same as it is when you make your purchase decision.

Overall Winner: Bushnell Launch Pro

Overall Winner

Bushnell Launch Pro

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