Bushnell Launch Pro vs Mevo Plus Comparison

This is a comparison of the Bushnell Launch Pro vs Mevo Plus.

I currently own both launch monitors and have spent quite a bit of time with both in my garage golf simulator.

Both are fantastic products with lots of satisfied owners. They can both be used indoors and outdoors but use totally different technology. 

Ultimately I feel like the Bushnell Launch Pro is best for me but there are enough differences between the two that what’s best is highly dependent on each person.

Continue reading and I’ll attempt to break it down.

Flightscope Mevo+

flightscope Mevo Plus

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When reviewing the data offered by both launch monitors it’s clear that the Mevo Plus with Pro Package includes a lot more. It’s important to take a closer look at what is included and decide if it’s important to you.

Many of the data points of the Mevo Plus are not super important in my opinion. For example, roll distance and total distance are going to depend on the ground firmness setting in the software.

Shot type literally just tells you draw, fade, push, pull, etc. which is not really necessary when you can see the ball flight. 

flightscope Mevo Plus

Some are a big deal though…specifically Face to Path and Face to Target. The club face angle at impact controls the shot more than any other factor. 

You can figure out whether your club face was opened or closed by looking at the shot shape, club path, and spin tilt axis numbers but knowing an actual measurement of open or closed from the launch monitor can be helpful.

Club Face information is one thing I wish my Bushnell Launch Pro had. Unfortunately to get club face information like that from a Foresight launch monitor you have to step up to the GCQuad which will cost over $18,000 with club data added on.

The Mevo+ now has an add-on available for Face Impact Location. This will show you the specific location of impact on your club face on every shot, something only the tour level launch monitors like the GCQuad and Trackman have.

Another thing to consider when comparing these two launch monitors is that the Launch Pro is listing the data that can be seen on the unit’s display while the Mevo+ doesn’t have its own display. When the data from the launch monitor is sent to other software, that software can calculate additional data points.

Bushnell launch pro

The data listed by the Mevo+ is what is seen in the FS Golf app. When the Launch Pro is connected to additional apps or simulation software, more data can be seen depending on the software.

All of this considered, the Mevo+ with Pro Package is the winner here for simply providing so much data within its native FS Golf app.

Winner: Flightscope Mevo Plus

Head to Head Shot Comparison

I conducted a little experiment in which I used both launch monitors at the same time for 10 shots with a 9 iron and 10 shots with a driver.

I used the FS Golf app with the Mevo+ and FSX Play driving range with the Launch Pro. Afterwards I sorted all of the data and created the following tables to compare.


9 Iron – Bushnell Launch Pro vs Mevo Plus

Carry DistanceClub Speed Ball Speed Launch AnglePush/PullSpinSpin AxisClub PathAngle of AttackOffline (yds)
Shot 1Mevo+13379.5102.118.22.4 R71153.1 L3.8 R-7.13.8 R
Launch Pro13280.6100.7203.2 R70528.2 L8.0 R-3.7-2 L
Shot 2Mevo+140.481.9105.822.53.5 R66001.0 L4.0 R-5.47.8 R
Launch Pro13882.410423.94.3 R65338.1 L7.8 R-2.90.7 R
Shot 3Mevo+142.883.2108.120.23.1 R72053.3 L4.6 R-5.75.6 R
Launch Pro139.583.4105.821.64.4 R722310.7 L8.9 R-2.9-3 L
Shot 4Mevo+141.983.7107.421.82.3 R70015.7 L5.5 R-10.62.0 R
Launch Pro139.484.2105.523.23.2 R686210.3 L7.4 R-3-5.7 L
Shot 5Mevo+13482.2101.620.82.3 R65364.2 L4.3 R-63.1 R
Launch Pro129.582.498.622.53.7 R637012.5 L8.1 R-3-6.3 L
Shot 6Mevo+150.783.9112.420.10.5 R69767.3 L4.0 R-6.9- 3.9 L
Launch Pro146.484.6110.121.41.4 R677515.3 L8.0 R-3.9-18.7 L
Shot 7Mevo+144.381.710921.93.4 R70041.5 L4.1 R-6.47.4 R
Launch Pro142.483107.423.44.4 R68819.4 L8.2 R-3.31.3 R
Shot 8Mevo+145.884.1109.121.23.2 R67333.8 L5.0 R-5.45.7 R
Launch Pro142.284.810722.64.1 R658913.4 L9.8 R-3.3-7.7 L
Shot 9Mevo+140.684.3108.523.87.6 R74826.7 R4.0 R-7.223.0 R
Launch Pro138.884.5106.324.98.7 R74740.6 R8.8 R-3.724.0 R
Shot 10Mevo+135.584.4105.823.60.6 L79097.3 R4.4 L-63.1 R
Launch Pro135.884105.224.90.1 R79402.8 R0.7 L-3.30.3 R

Driver – Bushnell Launch Pro vs Mevo Plus

Carry DistanceClub Speed Ball Speed Launch AnglePush/PullSpinSpin AxisClub PathAngle of AttackOffline (yds)
Shot 1Mevo+243.9102.2153.413.95.9 R361512.5 L8.2 R3.712.1 R
Launch Pro261.8105.8149.915.27.1 R212415.3 L6.4 R5.70.3 R
Shot 2Mevo+250.5103.2152.715.27.2 R25441.6 R6.8 R1.132.9 R
Launch Pro256.4106.1149.915.98.4 R24990.9 L5.4 R4.438.7 R
Shot 3Mevo+257.1103.415614.34.8 R215611.3 L7.3 R1.710.8 R
Launch Pro261.3106152.1145.8 R222412.5 L6.2 R50
Shot 4Mevo+249.4101.5152.114.54.3 R22825.8 R2.9 R0.624.1 R
Launch Pro260105.6149.915.65.7 R22990.3 R5.8 R5.128.7 R
Shot 5Mevo+262.3106.4158.417.16.1 R26188.2 R3.6 R-0.336.7 R
Launch Pro258.8106.9152.114.47.2 R26004.1 R6.0 R4.545.7 R
Shot 6Mevo+251.5101.8154.113.57.4 R23332.4 L7.9 R1.530.1 R
Launch Pro251.5104.9149.913.38.1 R254911.3 L6.3 R4.511.3 R
Shot 7Mevo+250.8103155.813.33.8 R247228.2 L9.4 R2.99.8 L
Launch Pro256.2106.1152.112.14.4 R24259.7 L7.1 R5.11.3 R
Shot 8Mevo+242.8101.9151.612.60.7 R29146.9 R0.6 L2.49.4 R
Launch Pro247.5104.5149.914.21.9 R28992.8 R1.9 L3.516 R
Shot 9Mevo+249.9102.4153.814.2028502.5 R0.6 L0.42.4 R
Launch Pro249104.8149.913.90.8 R28742.8 L2.5 L4.83.3 L
Shot 10Mevo+251.1102154.514.34.7 R28926.3 L6.2 R1.214.3 R
Launch Pro257.6105.7149.914.66.1 R234913.1 L5.4 R4.91 R

I found this experiment to be quite interesting. Overall, most of the numbers are very close and when they differ they seem to deviate the same way every time. I would assume that each launch monitor measures things in slightly different ways, especially since they use different technology.

It was very surprising to see how much some of the shot shapes differed. This resulted in some very different “offline” numbers which is where the ball lands relative to the target line.

It seems that the Bushnell Launch Pro picked up much more draw spin with more spin tilt axis than the Mevo+. I naturally play a draw but when I tried to hit a cut on the last couple of shots with each club, this evened out the spin-tilt axis and the shots became much closer.

Which is more accurate?

I don’t know that this experiment answers that question exactly. I think it’s generally accepted that camera-based launch monitors like the Launch Pro are more accurate indoors but I can only compare the two and look at where they differ.


These two launch monitors use completely different types of technology, radar tracking and photometric. 


The Mevo+ uses 3D Doppler radar combined with high-speed image processing from its internal camera which Flightscope calls Fusion Tracking.

This means radar is used to track both the golf club and ball, which is then synced up with the high speed images taken from the launch monitor camera.

Radar-based launch monitors including the Mevo+ are positioned behind the golfer on the target line in order to capture the ball flight.

Photometric / Camera-Based

The Bushnell Launch Pro along with the other Foresight launch monitors use multiple high frame rate cameras to capture the club and ball at impact. 

By capturing an extreme level of detail at impact the launch monitor is able to use Foresight’s algorithm to determine the resulting golf shot.

In order to get accurate club data you will need to use the “club markers” or fiducials that are included with the launch monitor. These are basically small, reflective stickers that you place on your club face which allow the cameras to capture the exact movement and position of your club face.

At first I wasn’t sure if I should put them on all my clubs and leave them on or only put them on for specific practice sessions. Turns out they stick very well and it’s no big deal to just leave them on as long as you want. Just remember to remove them before playing in any tournaments or you will get DQ’d like Rory Sabbatini at the RSM.

So which technology is better?

There are plenty of Trackmans (radar-based) and GCQuads (camera-based) lining the driving ranges at PGA Tour events so both are trusted at the highest level.

For amateur golfers the question is probably less about accuracy and more about the space requirements and intended use of the launch monitor. 

From my own experience, the Bushnell Launch Pro works like a charm indoors. From driver to chips and putts it has no issue reading the shot because it is only looking at the impact.

The Mevo Plus can also be used indoors in a golf simulator however, it requires much more space be used (see space requirements below) and has some real issues with mis-reads on chips and putts if you don’t have the flooring perfectly flush between the mevo+, your hitting mat, and your net or screen. It can be very picky on your simulator build.

Both can easily be used outdoors but remember that the Mevo+ is actually reading the flight of your golf ball and the Launch Pro is still just looking at impact. That means if you’re hitting straight into a headwind your distance number will be affected with the Mevo+ but not with the Launch Pro.

For the technology category I chose the Launch Pro because I feel it is slightly more accurate indoors and requires a much less specific environment/setup indoors.

The Winner: Bushnell Launch Pro

Space Requirements

Mevo+ Space Requirements

The Mevo+ has multiple modes such as Short Indoor, Indoor, and Outdoor. Almost everyone using it indoors will need the Short Indoor mode which requires 8ft between the launch monitor and the ball and then a minimum of 8ft of ball flight. Additionally, you need to plan for at least 12” behind your impact screen to avoid wall damage and 12” clearance behind your Mevo+. 

Mevo Plus space requirements

That means for Mevo+ on Short Indoor mode you need to plan for at least 18ft of length.

Outdoors the only real requirement is the same 8ft of distance between the launch monitor and hitting area. 

Also, Flightscope warns that certain electronics can cause interference with the radar. They specifically list flourescent lighting, fans, and TV’s as potential problems.

Personally I think this is more of a warning of the potential for interference. In my case I had a TV mounted to the wall just to the side of my hitting mat. I also swapped my flourescent tubes for LED tubes in my garage lighting before I received my Mevo+. 

I never had any interference issues that I’m aware of and plenty of others report using space heaters in their garages with no issues.

For more information on setups with example photos see our article on Mevo+ Setups.

Bushnell Launch Pro Space Requirements

The Launch Pro space requirements are much more simple.

You just need enough space to swing a golf club comfortably and the Launch Pro will sit approximately 20” in front of you as you address the golf ball. That’s it.

I would still recommend at least 8ft of ball flight just to give you some space but some people have less. This distance does not matter to the Launch Pro and is more about clearance for your golf swing and how much bounce back the ball will have after hitting your impact screen or net.

I have about 10ft of ball flight in my simulator which makes it easy to switch between both launch monitors.

The Winner: Bushnell Launch Pro

Included Software and Apps

Flightscope Apps

FS Golf is Flightscope’s main app for the Mevo Plus and I really enjoy it for working on my swing. The app is sleek and user-friendly. The screen shows your ball flight and plenty of data tiles.

FS Golf app

FS Golf also has a great feature for recording video of your swing. It’s easy to use and you can use the launch monitor’s internal camera alone or add multiple camera views with the FS Multicam app. 

My only complaint about the FS Golf app is the lack of targets. Unfortunately there is no option to hit to green or target of any sort. Just a wide open driving range.

FS Skills is an additional app for the Mevo+ that allows you to setup skills challenges with targets at different distances. It’s got a similar but not as sleek look as FS Golf.

Both apps are available for iOS and Android. Flightscope announced their PC version of FS Golf at the 2023 PGA Merchandise Show. The PC version will be released in February of 2023 and will be included with the Pro Package and the 2023 Edition of Mevo+. If you don’t have either of those it will cost an additional $99.

Also included with the Mevo+ is a basic version of E6 Connect which includes 6 golf courses and 17 driving ranges. 

I really enjoy some of the driving ranges here as they are more realistic and allow you to hit to lots of different greens on the range.

e6 connect

The graphics are good, not amazing. But that is to be expected when running from your phone or iPad instead of a gaming PC

Overall, this is perfect bonus for someone wanting just a taste of simulation golf but mainly wants the Mevo+ for practice.

Foresight Apps / Golf Simulator Software

Foresight FSX Pro

FSX Pro is a basic app from Foresight for what I would call driving range work. It displays a ball flight and saves your sessions just like FS Golf. It’s definitely not very sleek looking and the graphics are very basic, unlike FS Golf.

It does allow you to set a green at different distances and will record your hits and misses to that green.

Another feature I appreciated is that you have the option of printing or saving a PDF of each practice session that shows all of your shot data. This would definitely be helpful for coaches or those that are serious about their practice.

It is available for iPadOS or PC.

FSX Play and FSX 2020

These are two separate simulator programs from Foresight. FSX Play is the newest release with the best graphics. FSX 2020 is older and I’m sure will be eventually phased out. 

Both are available for the Launch Pro with a Gold subscription.

These are both full blown golf simulator programs and require a gaming PC.

FSX Play golf simulation software

If you are looking to build a real golf simulator, these programs are a big step up from running E6 connect on an iPad and will give you a more enjoyable experience.

Choosing a winner in this category is really tough as the Launch Pro definitely has better simulator software but you are paying for it with an annual subscription. The Mevo+ has all of it’s apps included with the purchase of the launch monitor.

So it really depends on what you’re looking to get from your launch monitor. Keep in mind there is plenty of other 3rd party simulation software for either of these launch monitors including GSPro, TGC2019, and upgraded E6 options for PC with more courses.

The Winner: Draw?


The Mevo+ is usually priced $2199 and the optional Pro Package which provides additional data is an additional $1000. 

So for a one-time purchase of around $3199 you get the Mevo+, FS Golf, FS Skills, and E6 with 10 courses included. No subscriptions necessary.

You can also get an additional 5% off using my Coupon Code: FRIENDLY at checkout.

The Bushnell Launch Pro is priced at $2000 for ball data only or $3500 for both ball and club data. It requires a gold subscription from Bushnell to access any of the software like FSX Pro, FSX 2020 and FSX Play. You will also need a gold subscription to connect to any 3rd party software like GSPro.

You can use the Launch Pro without a subscription but will only be able to see the data on the launch monitor screen.

If the subscription bothers you, there is always the option of going with the Foresight GC3 which is the same launch monitor but offered at a fixed price with no on-going subscriptions needed. 

You can compare the pricing between GC3 and Launch Pro and consider your subscription price and estimated length of ownership to decide which option is best for you.

As for the Bushnell Launch Pro vs Mevo+ pricing – there’s no doubt the Mevo Plus offers more value for a lower price.

The Winner: Mevo+

Mevo Plus vs Bushnell Launch Pro: The Winner

For the overall winner I have to pick the Bushnell Launch Pro. 

Since purchasing it I’ve hardly used my Mevo Plus at all because of the accuracy and convenience of using it indoors in my golf simulator. 

This was really a tough choice though because the price difference between the two is pretty drastic. You’re definitely paying for it…

Mevo+ is best for:

  • Someone wanting to practice their swing more than play sim golf
  • Wants more swing data
  • Lower budget
  • Hates subscriptions

Bushnell Launch Pro is best for:

  • Someone with less indoor space
  • Wants the best possible golf simulator experience

Overall Winner

Bushnell Launch Pro

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2 thoughts on “Bushnell Launch Pro vs Mevo Plus Comparison”

  1. I found your YouTube video (and subsequently your write up) from the BLP Facebook group. It was very helpful. I have owned a FS Mevo (not +) for years. It’s been very useful as a means for tracking and recording some basic information during my outdoor range practice. However, I’m in dire need of an upgrade. My primary interest is practice and game improvement as opposed to games and simulation. What has held me back from getting the Mevo+ since it’s debut is simply the amount of fussing to set it up each time at the range. The ease of “set it down and get to work” with the BLP is really attractive. Do you have any extra thoughts for users of launch monitors outside? Also, does either unit lessen the impact of poor quality range balls better than the other? I have never really understood how much this effects ball-data, but I always figured the camera-based units would handle that better!

    • Good questions! To be honest I’ve only used the mevo+ outside once and never used the launch pro outside. I would say both are quick to set up but the Mevo+ can be annoying to set up perfectly. The Launch Pro locks on to your alignment stick and knows the exact angle of your target line relative to the launch monitor in just a couple of seconds. Both have the ability to select that you’re using a range ball but I don’t know if the algorithm adjusts for it or if it’s just saving that as a detail for your session. I would like to know the answer for both as well.

      If you’re only using the Launch Pro at the range you would be using the FSX Pro iPad app (unless you just want to use the data on the display). If you go with the basic subscription some of the features on FSX Pro will be locked including the ability to set a target green on the app. This might be really frustrating for those in your situation because you are forced to pay for a Gold subscription just to get the most out of the iPad app. You’re essentially paying for all the simulation stuff that you don’t want.

      It’s really tough but I think the launch pro is a much better launch monitor but you get so much more for much less with the mevo plus.

      If you have any other questions let me know!


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