EZ Tee Hybrid Review – A Versatile Golf Mat or Hitting Strip

Anytime someone asks for a hitting strip recommendation on Facebook, Reddit, or other golf simulator forums there is always a mention of EZ Tee Hybrid. 

It’s a super popular option because of its versatility, price, and realistic feel.

In fact, it’s used as the hitting mat in PXG retail stores and Trackman custom simulator room installations.

I had to give it a try during my search for the best hitting strip for my garage golf simulator.

In this EZ Tee Hybrid review I’ll do my best to describe the quality, feel, details of this versatile turf.

Video Review: EZ Tee Hybrid

EZ Tee Hybrid Quality

I never know exactly what to expect with a hitting mat until I see it in person and can touch and feel it. The EZ Tee Hybrid golf mat is the first mat I’ve reviewed that is literally just a piece of turf.

ez tee hybrid golf mat

The hitting strip was shipped to me rolled up and when I unpackaged it I was a little surprised there was no additional foam or layers built in like a lot of other golf mats and hitting strips I’ve tried. 

It really is just a piece of turf.

It’s got a woven backing that’s somewhat hard but obviously still rollable and the fibers are about 1 inch long which is what allows you to place a real golf tee in it.

ez tee hybrid backing

I’m not going to be able to use all the golf mats I’m testing long enough to really find out the expected lifespan. I can say that after my initial use I couldn’t really see any visible wear on the mat.

I did notice little pieces of fibers had collected in front of the mat which leads me to believe there will be some visible wear over time (maybe quickly), but that’s true of all golf mats.

There’s not much else I can say about the quality of the EZ Tee Hybrid since it really is just a piece of artificial turf cut to the size you’d like.

EZ Tee Hybrid Golf Mat Feel / Realism

So how realistic is the EZ Tee Hybrid? I’d say it’s pretty solid in this category.

The fibers of the turf are long enough to be squishy which lets you hit through the turf. Some hitting mats like the Fiberbuilt Player Preferred use a shorter turf that’s probably meant for putting but then rely on the foam or other layers underneath to provide the feel.

ez tee hybrid turf fibers

The downside of the longer fibers without layers of foam or anything else for cushion is that golfers with steeper angles of attack can experience some pain or potential injury in their arm or wrist. 

In my opinion I felt like the longer fibers were just a touch too “grabby”. 

In other words, on some of my shots I felt like the fibers grabbed my club head and got stuck in the turf for just a fraction of a second too long.

testing the ez tee hybrid hitting strip

I know there are plenty of golfers who would disagree with me on this but every golf swing is different and what feels great to some might not work for others. Since I have an existing injury in my lead arm, I’m hyper-sensitive to potential pain from a golf mat.

Now I didn’t feel this “grab” on every shot. Hit down on it and you can feel like you’re hitting down and through the ball with some turf interaction, which is very realistic. For me, the line between very realistic and potentially painful is just a bit too close.

Fit Within a Golf Simulator

One benefit of EZ Tee Hybrid is that you can buy it in just about any size you need. You can purchase something as small as 1ft x 2ft to use as just a hitting strip or it can be your entire mat that you stand and hit from.

In my case, I ordered a 1ft x 4ft hitting strip to test out. My plan was to drop it in my existing Fiberbuilt grass mat rather than cut it into my foam flooring while I’m just testing it out. 

ez tee hybrid hitting strip 1x4

I found out afterwards that I didn’t see all the options available and there are sizes specifically for fiberbuilt grass replacements.

The size I actually needed for a perfect fit was 1ft x 46.5”. The back end sticks out a little bit and I could easily cut it with a utility knife if I planned to keep it in the Fiberbuilt base.

Also, the EZ Tee Hybrid is only 1-⅛” high which leaves it about ½” lower than it needs to be to line up with my Fiberbuilt stance mat. I was able to drop in a piece of ¼” thick PVC to raise it up but any higher and it would come over the lip of the Fiberbuilt rubber base.

added pvc to raise the height in fiberbuilt replacement

Since the turf itself is rollable you probably need to attach it to the surface it will sit on. I left it unattached and over time it did start to bunch up in the front from hitting shots.

I’ve heard that some people use adhesive to attach it but since I was just testing it out I added three strips of velcro underneath and that seemed to do the job.

Another thing you might consider is ordering a size that accommodates the hitting area of your launch monitor. 

If you have a Uneekor Eye XO or Foresight GCQuad like me, you will probably want to order your EZ Tee Hybrid in a larger size so that you can make use of the entire hitting area of your launch monitor. No need to order just a 12” wide hitting strip.

Plenty of people use it as a complete golf mat that they stand on as well. Just be aware that it is slightly squishy to stand on.

ez tee hybrid with real golf tee

The 1-⅛” height should make it easy to line up with a 1” subfloor of foam tiles or foam board insulation which are the two most common materials to use as golf simulator flooring.

Best Value
Puzzle Fit Foam Floor Tiles

1″ or 3/4″ thick options. Check all colors for best pricing.

Use as a base for your golf simulator flooring. Cut with a utility knife to insert your hitting strip.

ez tee hybrid height

EZ Tee Hybrid Pros and Cons


  • Many size options which can include just a hitting strip or a full golf mat
  • Real feel with your irons that should be soft enough for most golfers
  • Holds a real golf tee


  • No additional cushion or foam layers but could easily be added yourself
  • May be slightly too “grabby” for golfers with a steep angle of attack or concerned about arm / wrist injury
  • Needs to be glued or velcroed down

Where to Buy EZ Tee Hybrid

EZ Tee Hybrid is one of the many artificial turfs manufactured by Synthetic Turf International. You can use their dealer locator to find a dealer near you. In my case I ordered from

EZ Tee Hybrid Alternatives


The SIGPRO Softy golf mat is what I would recommend to any golfer. I say that because I found it to have a very realistic feel while also having a layer of cushion for any potentially painful strikes. It can be purchased as a hitting strip or full golf mat and it also accepts a real golf tee.

Realistic & Soft
sigpro softy golf mat
SIGPRO Softy Mat & Hitting Strip
  • 4’x10′, 4’x7′, or Hitting Strip Only
  • Feels like soft fairway
  • Chipping feels great
Buy at the Indoor Golf Shop Read Review

Fiberbuilt Player Preferred

The Fiberbuilt Player Preferred mat is a great choice for better golfers looking for something super realistic. It uses a shorter turf and has a layer of foam underneath that absorbs vibration but it’s not squishy. In fact you probably couldn’t tell there’s any foam underneath by feeling with your hand. 

Realistic Feel
Fiberbuilt Player Preferred Studio Mats
  • Multiple sizes and configuration
  • Real feel
  • Large 2ft x 4ft hitting area

Overall the EZ Tee Hybrid is a very versatile turf to use in a golf simulator. On its own I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone concerned about injury but you could easily add your own layer of foam to protect against potential arm and wrist pain.

If you’re looking for a softer solution out of the box, check out some of the alternatives below.

Other Hitting Mats

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