Fiberbuilt Grass Series Hitting Mat Review

Best for Injury Prevention
fiberbuilt 4x7 grass studio mat
Fiberbuilt Grass Studio Mat
  • Multiple sizes and configuration
  • 4×7 Studio Mat is perfect for Foresight and Skytrak launch monitors that sit on the side

The hitting mat is one of the most important parts of a golf simulator and is often overlooked by first-time buyers.

Purchasing a bad hitting mat can even cause bad wrist and elbow injuries which I have experienced myself.

In fact, after injuring my lead elbow I decided to purchase the Fiberbuilt Grass Traditional Mat to hopefully let it heal and prevent future injuries.

After 9 months of use along with testing other hitting mats I can easily say that the Fiberbuilt Grass Series Hitting Mat is the best golf mat available for injury prevention.

In this review I’ll do my best to go over the pros and cons of the mat so that you can make the right decision for yourself.


The hitting mat is made up of 3 main pieces: the rubber base, the stance turf and the fiberbuilt grass hitting strip. All 3 are solid and well built.

fiberbuilt grass series review

Rubber Base and Stance Mat

The 5×4 traditional mat that I own comes with a one-piece rubber base that holds the stance turf and hitting strip in place.

This thing is heavy!

Once you put it in place it’s not going to budge no matter how hard you swing.

The weight could be either a pro or a con but to me it’s a sign of high quality. 

The larger 4×7 studio hitting mats come with a modular base which is put together from interlocking panels of the same heavy-duty rubber.

Aside from holding the components of the mat together the rubber base also serves as an additional layer of shock absorption between your club and the concrete.

fiberbuilt grass series stance mat

The stance mat is basically a top layer of putting turf with 1 inch of foam underneath.

It’s not squishy when you stand on it but not too hard on your joints if you want to chip from it instead of the grass section.

Fiberbuilt Grass Hitting Strip

The grass hitting strip is the most important part of the mat. It’s truly unique as I’ve never seen another golf mat like it.

It’s basically made up of bristles attached to a metal plate that fits within the rubber base. It has 4 holes along the side that allow you to insert one of their Fiberbuilt rubber tees.

fiberbuilt grass hitting strip

I’ve heard some people describe it as an upside down broom head which is pretty accurate. 

The bristles are stiff enough to let the golf ball sit on top but let your club head slide through. 

You would think these bristles would break or wear out very easily but after 9 months of use you can barely see some wear in the spot that I mostly hit from.

fiberbuilt grass series bristles close up

Fiberbuilt also stands behind the grass series mats with a 300,000 swing guarantee which is pretty unheard of for golf mats.

Overall, the quality of all the components is very high which I would expect for the price.

Feel / Realism

The feel of hitting a golf ball is one of the most important factors when buying a mat. 

We all want it to feel just like it does on the course when you take a nice divot but that’s never completely possible with a golf mat.

In my opinion, the Fiberbuilt Grass is “acceptable” in the realism category but definitely not great.

Fiberbuilt even makes it pretty clear on their website that if you’re looking for the most realistic experience you should go with their Player Preferred hitting mats.

So what does it feel like?

The best way I can describe it is almost like the ball is sitting up in some light rough. You can feel the club head pass through the bristles but there’s basically zero resistance.

When you take a divot on the golf course your club head certainly hits resistance through the turf but the turf gives way allowing the club head to continue forward. 

A bad golf mat can have too much resistance which can cause injuries to your wrist and elbow over time.

The Fiberbuilt Grass mats have too little resistance which is not very realistic but fantastic for injury-prevention.

I found that it really doesn’t bother me for full swings but it is tough for me when it comes to shorter swings and chip shots.

In those cases it really feels like you’re chipping off a tee and you can’t feel the bounce or leading edge of the club. 

Depending on your launch monitor you may be able to move the ball to the side of the hitting strip and chip from the stance mat.

If you are using this hitting mat inside a golf simulator you may need to putt on it if your launch monitor supports putting. Using a Bushnell Launch Pro I’m able to putt from the Fiberbuilt Grass and get very good results from GSPro and FSX Play.

That said, you will get nothing close to a true roll since the ball is sitting on bristles instead of a solid surface. I also find it difficult to ground the putter-head on the bristles before my stroke which is a bit annoying.

The short answer is that it will be ok for putting with a camera-based launch monitors like the Launch Pro and Foresight since they only measure a small space at impact. If your launch monitor actually needs to track the roll of the ball it might be tough.

Fit Within Golf Simulator

Depending on your launch monitor you may want to build an even floor level throughout your golf simulator room. Radar-based launch monitors like the Mevo Plus require an even surface level from the launch monitor all the way to the impact screen or net.

The Fiberbuilt mats are about 2” in height which means you would need to build a surrounding floor 2” in height to match it. 

Additionally, the rubber base has an edge around the perimeter that may be a little challenging to cover up if you are trying to create a perfect transition from your hitting mat to turf covering the rest of your simulator flooring.

If instead you used a 1” thick hitting strip like the EZ Tee Hybrid or the Carl’s Divot Action Hitting Strip your surrounding floor could be made from 1” material and it would be very easy for the rest of your turf to line up right next to the hitting strip.

The 2” thickness of the Fiberbuilt means you will need double the material. Usually 1” thick foam floor tiles or foam board insulation.

fiberbuilt grass series mat with 1" foam tiles x2

A solution to this could be purchasing the 3 foot Fiberbuilt Grass panel by itself rather than the entire mat with the rubber base. That way you can build the grass hitting strip into your simulator flooring rather than the entire rubber base.

A second solution to this could be purchasing a Fiberbuilt Combo mat to use as your simulator flooring. The combo mats combine the hitting mat with a Fiberbuilt putting green.

Pros and Cons of the Fiberbuilt Grass Series


  • High quality components
  • Sturdy base, won’t move or slide
  • Almost zero impact / no “turf shock”
  • Built for their rubber tee system
  • Multiple size options


  • Not the most realistic feeling
  • Large base is harder to build a “seamless” turf floor around

Best for Injury Prevention
fiberbuilt 4x7 grass studio mat
Fiberbuilt Grass Studio Mat
  • Multiple sizes and configuration
  • 4×7 Studio Mat is perfect for Foresight and Skytrak launch monitors that sit on the side

Alternative Hitting Mats

Fiberbuilt Player Preferred

If you like the quality of the Fiberbuilt mats but want something more realistic the Player Preferred series is for you. Instead of the grass bristles the Player Preferred hitting mats use turf with a vibration absorption layer underneath. Read our Fiberbuilt Player Preferred Mat Review next.

fiberbuilt player preferred hitting mat

SIGPRO Softy Golf Mat

The SIGPRO Softy is a good balance between cushion and real feel. I’d say it feels pretty similar to the Player Preferred mat but with a layer of cushion underneath. I definitely recommend reading our review of the SIGPRO Softy if you’re looking for something in-between the Fiberbuilt Grass and Player Preferred.

sigpro softy golf mat

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