Flightscope Mevo Plus Review

As technology continues to improve and become more affordable we are seeing better and better improvements to launch monitors in golf. In this Flightscope Mevo Plus review I will cover the launch monitor itself, the space requirements for an indoor golf simulator environment, all the apps used, and the pros and cons to the mevo plus

After my daughter was born I decided the only way to not let my golf game deteriorate would be to practice from home. I compared all of the available launch monitors in my budget and chose the mevo plus. After using it for 6 months (with the Pro Package upgrade) here is my Flightscope mevo plus review.

Top Pick

Flightscope Mevo+

Add the Pro Package for club data like Club Path, Face to Path, and Face to Target!

Flightscope Mevo Plus Features & Specs

The mevo+ launch monitor uses what Flightscope calls Fusion tracking, which is a combination of 3D Doppler radar and high speed image processing to track ball flight and provide the data.

Flightscope has two levels of data that can be provided from the Mevo+ which is basically what you get from the base level purchase of the unit and the Pro Package available as an additional software upgrade. Read more about this option in our Pro Package Review.

Here’s the base level data you get with the purchase of the unit itself:

To use your launch monitor you will mainly use Flightscope’s apps FS Golf and FS Skills which are available on iOS and Android. Also included is a license to E6 Connect simulation software which includes 10 courses and 17 practice ranges.

If you are looking to use your Mevo+ mainly as a simulator you can upgrade the free E6 license to unlock more courses or use a different simulation software. 

In my case, I really only wanted my launch monitor for practice so it was nice to get 6 free courses included with my purchase (they added 4 more to make it 10 total recently). That’s plenty for me to play around with every once in a while.

Mevo+ First Impressions

The mevo+ is the big brother to the mevo which is the ultra portable “personal” launch monitor so I was expecting something large enough to be a little awkward. It’s not.

flightscope mevo plus

The mevo+ measures 4.5″x7.75″ and is 1.25″ thick which to me is extremely portable. It’s actually quite small. It comes with a high quality, fitted case that fits easily into one of the outer pockets of any golf bag.

The unit itself is solid. The body is of course plastic but the red ring around the outside is a thick rubber which means I don’t think twice about dropping it and scratching it on anything. The folding stand on the back is metal, not plastic. 

mevo plus metal stand

Overall, it’s small, lightweight, well-built and intended to be taken back and forth from the driving range to the garage. Perfect for my situation.

mevo plus with case open
mevo plus with case closed

Note: There is a warning to only use the charging brick that came with the Mevo+. After looking online I found that this warning should be taken seriously because it can actually damage your unit if you use a different charging brick. I found this quite odd but just made a designated spot for the Mevo+ charger so I wouldn’t lose mine or accidentally use a different one.

Mevo Plus Setup

Space Requirements

The biggest concern everyone has before purchasing a launch monitor is usually the space requirements. Unfortunately the Mevo Plus requires a minimum of about 16ft lengthwise. About 8ft from the launch monitor to the ball and then at least another 8ft from the ball to the impact screen or net you are hitting into. 

flightscope mevo plus space requirements

Other launch monitors that use only high speed cameras instead of radar such as the SkyTrak and Foresight GC3 or GCQuad don’t need as much space as they sit right next to the ball. They also don’t work by tracking the ball flight so you can hit as close to the net or screen as you’d like.

Since most people are limited by the space they have this can rule out the Mevo Plus right away. Fortunately for me, I did have the space in my garage for the Mevo Plus.

Screens & Monitors

In my case I decided to go with a wall mounted TV connected to my iPad. As I mentioned earlier, I mainly wanted a launch monitor for driving range style practice rather than full simulation so I didn’t see the need to add thousands of dollars in expense for a projector and screen.

I purchased an Apple Lightning to HDMI connector, an extra long HDMI Cable, and an iPad stand to connect my iPad to the new TV.

Starting a Practice Session

So what’s it like to walk in my garage and get the Mevo+ up and running to hit balls? Pretty easy.

I turn on the unit and place it onto a spot that I’ve taped off exactly 8ft from where I hit on my mat. 

I plug in my iPad to the HDMI cable and turn on the TV. 

Connect to the Mevo+ WiFi signal.

Open the FS Golf app and start a new Full Swing session.

I’m usually hitting balls within a minute or two.

A note about the WiFi connection: Mevo+ connects to your iPad or other device via WiFi. This means you won’t be able to connect to the internet while connected to your Mevo+ unless your device also has a cellular connection. When starting a session in the FS Golf app you can select between Standard Sea Level or Local Weather Conditions which pulls your local weather data from the internet. Since my iPad is WiFi only I can’t use this option and have to select Standard Sea Level. Luckily I’m in Houston, TX and we are about as close to sea level as it gets.


As I mentioned I place the Mevo Plus on a spot I’ve taped off 8ft behind the ball. I point the unit directly down the line and generally don’t have any issues with alignment.

You can go into the radar settings on the FS Golf app to check and adjust your alignment using the camera built into the device. Sometimes I do this just to check but I’ve found it’s usually spot on.

You can also adjust the tee height settings here as well. This would be the distance from the surface the Mevo Plus is sitting on to the surface you are hitting from. Best practice is to keep them both on the same surface but usually you are hitting on a raised mat. You can either adjust this setting or place the Mevo Plus on something the same thickness as your mat.

Metallic Ball Stickers

A few sheets of metallic ball stickers are included with the unit. You are supposed to place them on your golf balls and point them towards your target while hitting. This gives the radar a better chance to accurately track the spin rate. 

flightscope metallic stickers for mevo plus
Golf ball with metallic sticker for mevo plus

Currently I have them on about half the balls I use. You can certainly hit without them and the Mevo+ will track your ball just fine. 

You will notice that on many shots your Spin Rate number will be italicized. This means that the spin rate is an estimate based on other factors that the unit tracked. I know this bothers a lot of people but I really don’t care unless I’m trying to compare different wedges or something. For regular use, the shots are tracked just fine for me with or without the metallic stickers.

Titleist RCT Golf balls for Mevo+

A firmware update in December 2022 made the Titleist RCT balls officially compatible with the Mevo+. The RCT balls were developed by Titleist specifically for radar based launch monitors like the Mevo+, Trackman, and Garmin R10.

Titleist RCT ProV1 Golf balls for Mevo+

They are made with a radar reflective marker just underneath the cover of the golf ball that allows the radar to capture the spin more easily. In my own testing, I found the RCT balls to capture spin rate 100% of the time in the “short indoor” golf simulator environment.

Hitting Balls with the FS Golf App

The FS Golf app is the main Flightscope app used with the Mevo Plus. This is where you will get the most data points and have the most versatility with your shot tracking. 

FS Golf App

Within the Full Swing feature you have multiple different views you can select while hitting balls. We’ll cover them below:

3D Trajectory

This is the bread and butter of the app. For most, you will use the down the line view and enjoy the nice graphic of a driving range surrounded by mountains. 

Mevo plus screen view

You have your data points along the bottom which you can scroll left and right to view them all. Tapping a data point will move a copy of it to the right side of your screen. You can move your favorites here so that they are easy to view after each shot without stopping to scroll around.

There’s also multiple views you can choose but I think most will prefer the down the line view. I also enjoy the Follow the Ball setting which will fly through the air right behind the ball until it lands and rolls out. 

Perspective View
Side View

You will notice that the FS Golf App shows the shot immediately at impact without a delay like the Skytrak. This makes for a much more realistic experience.

After practicing I like to switch over to the Top View, select Groupings, and then all Clubs to show a nice color coding grouping of each club I hit.

FS Golf App top view with club groupings
Top view with groupings by club.

Table View

The table view is exactly that. All of your numbers from all of your shots. 

FS Golf App Table view

I like that you can select  certain shots and remove them from the table. This is helpful if you are trying to get your average yardage for each club. You can hit balls and then remove any outliers that were just bad swings.

Top Pick

Flightscope Mevo+

Add the Pro Package for club data like Club Path, Face to Path, and Face to Target!


Although the video features aren’t perfect, I think it is absolutely amazing that these features are included in the Mevo+. 

With the video view you can record your swing using one or multiple cameras. If you are using multiple cameras the video is automatically synced based on the impact. You can then replay multiple videos of the same swing in sync and draw lines all over them.

This is absolutely amazing and I think it’s an often overlooked feature of the Mevo+.

You can use the built in camera on the Mevo+ as your down the line view since it is already there however this will be at a slight angled up view. I find that it’s good enough for me.

If you want to use multiple cameras you need to use the FS Multicam App on the other devices. All of this is not very intuitive and takes some time figuring out for the first time however, I think it’s amazing that it’s even possible without spending thousands more.

Club Analysis – Mevo Plus Pro Package Only

The club analysis is the most advanced view and one that most users (myself included) won’t use at all. This will give you a 3D view of your club planes you can review after a shot. I’ve played with it a little but not much as it’s probably only beneficial to club fitters.

Chipping, Putting, and Swing Training

Aside from Full Swing, the other 3 sections of the FS Golf App are chipping, putting, and swing training.

To be honest I have only used the chipping feature a few times and I don’t think I’ve ever tried the other two. I think most will agree that the Mevo Plus is not the best for putting (what launch monitor is??) 

To putt with the Mevo Plus it requires a slightly different setup with 7ft from Mevo Plus to the ball and exactly 12 degrees of tilt on the unit (this is easy to achieve using the included jig).

Chipping provides some nice information but I just prefer to practice short game on the course where I can see and feel how the ball reacts.

Swing Training should actually be called Speed Training. This feature allows you to swing without hitting a ball and get all your club data, most importantly club head speed. Distance is not a problem for me so I have not bothered to use this much.

Using Mevo Plus with FS Golf Outdoors

I purchased my Mevo Plus intending to use it only for indoor practice at home, however I did like that I would have the option to take it to a driving range if I ever wanted. I read several reviews about the similarly priced Skytrak not working well outdoors because of how the lighting affects the camera used on the unit.

I have only used it outdoors once but I have to say it was very enjoyable hearing my exact carry number after every shot.

The only drawback is having to tinker with it after moving your ball around your divot pattern every so often. 

FS SKills App

The FS SKills App is where you can create and compete in combines which are just skills challenges.

There are pre-made combines that you can use for quick play or you can create your own. Each combine has a selection of different size and shape targets at different yardages. You get points for each shot on target.

FS Skills Combines
Selection screen for starting a quick play combine.

The FS Skills app is very similar to FS Golf but it’s not exactly the same. For one, after hitting the shot the ball flies to the target almost instantaneously instead of a realistic ball flight. That’s not a big deal but I find it a little annoying. I would say… it’s not as slick as FS Golf.

FS Skills App with mevo plus
Playing a combine.

I do enjoy playing a combine once a week or so to see where I’m at but I find it a little irritating that these are two separate apps. I actually wish that FS Golf gave you the ability to hit to a target rather than a wide open range.

I’ve actually found that the best of both worlds is in the E6 driving range which we’ll cover now.

E6 Connect

The Mevo+ comes with a license for E6 connect which includes 10 golf courses for simulation play. There is no subscription required however you can always upgrade with E6 to unlock more courses to play.

As I mentioned I was not as interested in simulation play as much but it was very nice to have these 6 courses included. That way I can play a course every once in a while just for fun. 

In addition to the 10 golf courses in E6 connect you also are able to use their different driving ranges. I really enjoy these driving ranges and use them quite a bit.

My favorites are the Large Target and Small Target Ranges which both have multiple greens on them at different distances. I like to choose a green and hit to it while seeing all of my accuracy info in the top left corner of the screen. This really solves my problem of not having a target to hit to inside of FS Golf and I also get the freedom to just hit to different greens freely without it being part of a combine challenge inside of FS Skills.

E6 Golf Driving Ranges
Driving ranges
E6 Golf Chip and Putt
Chip and putt areas

There are also several different short game areas for chipping and pitching in which you can move around and set up all different types of short game shots.

E6 Connect is really an awesome sweetener to the purchase of a Mevo+.

Mevo Plus Accuracy

One of the most frequently asked questions is “How accurate is the mevo plus?” . It’s hard to state in certain terms just how accurate the Mevo+ actually is. I can, however share my personal feelings about its accuracy.

I really have no doubt about any of the distance data from my clubs. What Mevo+ shows is pretty much exactly what I see on the course. I also am a good enough player to know exactly what shot shape to expect based on how the club feels at impact. FS Golf shows exactly what I would expect here as well.

Many people question distances on the longer clubs like fairway woods and driver, and very short (greenside type) chips. Putting with the Mevo+ can be extremely tricky.

After reading more about how the Mevo+ works AND purchasing and using a Bushnell Launch Pro, I can say that the Mevo+ is plenty accurate with distances. I think the accuracy complaints boil down to this:

  1. Almost all golfers think they hit the ball farther than they actually do.
  2. Indoor swing syndrome is real.
  3. Your simulator setup is VERY important to getting good results, especially chipping and putting. Read mevo plus troublshooting and simulator setup examples for more info on building the right setup for mevo plus.

Indoor swing syndrome is when a player does not swing the club indoors as they normally would outdoors. It’s somewhat subconscious so you probably aren’t aware of it. I struggled with this initially but after becoming aware of it I was able to increase my distance some. In my opinion, it throws off my tempo which actually slows down my clubhead speed.

As far as the short chips, I get some missed reads every once in a while but I haven’t spent the time to get my flooring perfected as is needed. When you get to pitches of 20-30+ yards there’s really no issue.

Overall, I think the unit itself is very accurate…most of the time. I compared the Mevo+ to the best indoor launch monitor on the market – the Foresight GCQuad. You can read the comparison here.

If you plan to play sim golf on e6, GSPro, or another sim software and you definitely want to putt you either need to perfect your setup or consider a different launch monitor.

I highly recommend GSPro for simulation software if you choose to upgrade. Here’s what you can expect with GSPro on your Mevo+.

What’s Good About Mevo Plus

  • High quality build
  • Lightweight and portable, works great indoors and outdoors
  • FS Golf App is very nice 
  • Includes 10 courses and extra driving ranges with E6 Connect
  • Easily record swings from multiple cameras and review
  • Adding the pro package gives extra data including club path, face to path, face to target (the lowest cost launch monitor to give this data)

Where Mevo Plus Falls Short

  • Minimum 16ft length requirement for indoor & simulator environments
  • Metallic stickers recommended on golf balls. Use Titleist RCT balls for best results.
  • Multiple apps to use instead of all in one (FS Golf and FS Skills)
  • FS Skills app could be better
  • Accuracy questions around longer clubs (higher ball speeds)

The Flightscope Mevo+ is an incredible launch monitor with a ton of features. For $3199 including the pro package I don’t think you can get near as much value with any other launch monitor. If you have the space indoors you should seriously be considering the Mevo+ for your golf simulator.

Top Pick

Flightscope Mevo+

Add the Pro Package for club data like Club Path, Face to Path, and Face to Target!

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