Flightscope Mevo Plus Video Recording with FS Multicam App

The Flightscope Mevo Plus is an incredible launch monitor for use outdoors at the driving range as well as indoors in a golf simulator. I’ve had mine for just over 6 months now and use it several times a week in my garage. You can read my full Mevo Plus Review here. Obviously I purchased it to track my shots while I hit into a net BUT I had no idea it could also be used to turn my garage into a video recording swing studio.

The Flightscope Mevo Plus Video Recording feature combines the launch monitor with up to 4 cameras to record your swing AND track your shot at the same time. It automatically starts and stops recording and then syncs up all of the video without you having to edit anything. 

You just set it up, hit balls, and can review your video with no effort.

Here are the steps to get the mevo plus video recording up and running.

Setting Up Mevo Plus to Record Swing Videos

Start by setting up your Mevo Plus just like you would for a normal session.

  1. Turn the unit on
  2. Connect your device to the Mevo Plus wifi
  3. Open FS Golf app and start a new Full Swing Session
  4. Tap the 4 square icon in the top right corner  and choose the Video view.
FS Golf Views

In the video view you can configure between 1 and 4 different cameras on the screen. To start you can use the camera on the Mevo Plus by selecting mevo plus camera. It will be the same name as the Mevo Plus’ wifi.

The camera on the mevo plus will give you a nice “down the line” angle although it will be a little low as it’s sitting on the ground.

You can also use a camera on the device that is running the FS Golf App. I use an iPad and will often use it as my “Face On” camera by setting the iPad up on a tripod in front of me.

You can add additional cameras using the FS Multicam app which we will cover below.

Once you have the camera configured how you want you can simply start hitting balls. After each ball you should hear your device give you an audible carry distance. You can hit as many balls as you would like but remember that you are recording video of every swing. 

At any point you can review the video from the last swing by tapping the video thumbnail in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Adding a Camera to Mevo Plus using FS MultiCam

You can use the FS Multicam app to use additional devices as cameras for the Mevo Plus. This could be a 3rd or 4th view OR you can use it to replace your Mevo Plus camera view if you don’t like the angle from the ground.

  1. Before starting you must download the FS Multicam app on the device you want to use.
  2. On your main device running FS Golf – tap the camera source icon and select Configure Multicam.
  3. Take your multicam device and scan the QR code on the screen.

The multicam device is now ready to be set into the position you would like and record swing videos.

You can adjust the amount of video recorded before and after impact by using the Pre or Post Trigger Duration.

Reviewing Swing Video in FS Golf App

Your shots are automatically recorded and if using multiple cameras, they are synced together.

The yellow marker on the timeline is impact. You can replay in slow motion as well as draw lines, circles and angles on your video.

By switching over to the Table view for your session you can see every shot and click the Play button to replay the video of that swing.

Once you have used your Mevo Plus video recording feature in just one practice session you will see how easy it is to use. This feature is just one more reason why the Mevo Plus is such a great launch monitor.

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2 thoughts on “Flightscope Mevo Plus Video Recording with FS Multicam App”

  1. thanks for in depth review.

    there’s one thing I really wanna know before I make LM buying decision.

    FS Multicam app on iPhone(I have iPhone 13 pro max), what fps does it show?

    it would be great if FS golf app could show 120fps or higher(240fps) via FS Multicam app with iPhone.

    • Great question. I just went to check and I did not see any fps setting in FS Golf or FS Multicam when I set it up. Watching the replay at 1/2 speed my guess is that it is 30 or 60 fps maybe because there is blur on the club shaft.

      I use my iPhone 12 pro as a swing camera within FSX 2020 and the best I can get is 60fps. See this article Add FSX 2020 Swing Cameras for Free Using Your Phone or Tablet It’s frustrating because our phones are capable of 240 fps but I haven’t figured out a way get that high when connected to another device (PC / iPad app).

      You might consider adding Swing Catalyst as a separate software for your video and buying a dedicated USB camera. Hope that helps. Any other questions let me know and I’ll try to answer!



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