Flightscope X3 Review

The Flightscope X3 is an incredible launch monitor on the higher end of the market. While cheaper than the Trackman 4, it competes with Foresight’s GCQuad launch monitor in the sub $15,000 price range. 

In this review we’ll cover the technology and user experience of the Flightscope X3 as well as look at some alternative launch monitors you might want to consider.


Golf ball tracking technology has become extremely popular over the last few years. This is due to them becoming more accessible and affordable, however the top of the range models like the Trackman 4 will still set you back over $20k.

FlightScope is one of the world leaders in the development and manufacturing of 3D Doppler Ball Tracking Monitors, Golf Radars & Launch Monitors for golf and other sports, they also develop technology in baseball and cricket.

Flightscope was founded in 1989 in Stellenbosch South Africa, where the head offices are still based today. They originally developed products to measure projectiles for the defense industry, which they still do today.


The Flightscope X3 is packed with technologies as well as considerable upgrades compared to the previous models.

Fusion tracking

This technology is unique to Flightscope, this patented technology combines 3D tracking radar and image processing for data accuracy unlike no other.

Data and video combined

Capture data and automatically link videos from multiple different cameras, this allows you to dive deeper into swing and club analytics like never before

Environmental optimizer

You can adjust your environment allowing you to prepare for a tournament or to see club data without any interference from outside conditions, this is ideal for club fitting and teaching. The following conditions can be changed – altitude, humidity, air temperature, windspeed, landing height, wind direction.

Wedge D-Plane data

Take out missed wedge shots with extremely accurate wedge D-Plane data, this allows you to dial in your wedges like never before

Data margins

You can set minimum and maximum values for all data parameters in the VX phone app, this enhances your training and improves consistency on the course – this feature however is still yet to be released

Full swing and short game data

The flightscope X3 includes 50+ full swing, chipping, pitching, and putting data parameters giving you all the data you could need to improve your game

First Impression of the Flightscope X3

When taking the flightscope X3 out of the box we certainly agreed it was much heavier than the previous models, this must be due to the extra hardware they have used and bigger battery.

Connecting and starting the Flightscope X3 was incredibly easy, the VX app which can be used on Apple or Android is far better than the desktop program, we feel the desktop program is outdated. It just feels clunky and old, however the E6 software which we will dive into later is great.

The environmental optimizer is much better than the previous models and the Data and Video capturing feature is really handy.

As we started hitting balls we could instantly see an improvement with regards to data accuracy as well as capturing. With previous models some numbers would be completely out as well as some shots not being picked up at all, the X3 was impressive, data was incredibly accurate and it never missed a shot.

All in all the X3 is an impressive piece of technology, if you are in the market for an upgrade or looking to purchase a launch monitor for the first time then it is definitely worth looking at.

We also found that the battery life lasts a full day. We did try and save battery where we could, but saying that we still had a decent amount of battery at the end of the day. Charging it at the end of the day is a must as it does take some time to fully charge.

E6 Connect Simulator Software

After using the VX app on the range we decided to take it indoors and use the E6 Connect app, which can be used on a tablet or PC, we decided to connect our iPad to the projector, which worked perfectly.

E6 Connect is a top of the range, customizable golf simulation software that can be used with FlightScope, which provides an accurate improvement and gaming experience.

The E6 Connect technology has beautiful 4k graphics and loads customization and control. What makes the E6 revolutionary is its massive network that connects golfers from around the world. 

What we like the most about the E6 technology is how realistic it looks, with a good enough PC set up and projector it almost feels like you are actually out on the course.

With loads of courses, ranges and practice games to play, the E6 Connect really does take the Flightscope experience to the next level.

Can You Use Flightscope X3 For Club Fitting And Coaching?

Yes you can, the Flightscope X3 is designed to help with club fitting and coaching. With over 50 parameters to help you see club and swing data, nothing is left unturned when trying to fit your client into a new set of clubs or help with their swing.

The Environmental Optimizer and Wedge D-Plane features are particularly great when cub fitting and coaching.

Can You Play Simulation Golf On The Flightscope X3?

Yes you can, the Flightscope X3 has a few scores that are included when you purchase the launch monitor. Flightscope also use a third party program called E6 Connect. It can be used on a tablet or PC. The E6 Connect gives you a realistic golf experience, and when set up in a simulator environment it is truly incredible.

Is The Flightscope X3 Worth It, And Who Should Buy It?

If you are a tour player, top amateur or PGA professional then we do believe the Flightscope X3 is worth it. The app is great and it is extremely accurate.

If you want to use it indoors for recreational use then we recommend checking out the Trackman or GC Quad, we feel their program on the PC even with the E6 Connect is not the best on the market, and for its price you can get a better product elsewhere.

Having said that, we also feel that if you are going to use this for recreational use then you should consider looking at other options, the Flightscope Mevo+ and the Garmin R10 are far cheaper models that do a very good job at providing you with the essential data you would need. 

In fact many of the same features of the X3 like Fusion Tracking and D-Plane data have been released in the Pro Package addition to the Mevo+. Even with the added expense of the pro package, the Mevo+ is a fraction of the cost of the X3. 

Final Thoughts on Flighscope X3

The Flightscope X3 is an incredible piece of machinery. It is a big improvement over the previous model. With over 50 parameters it gives you everything you would be looking for when hitting balls. As a teaching professional or coach the X3 is great.

However, we do believe that if you are not a professional golfer or club fitter you would be better suited with a cheaper launch monitor such as Flightscope’s Mevo or  Mevo+. You will still get basic shot data and probably more than you need. They might not be as accurate and consistent as the X3, but they will work just fine.

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