FS Skills App Review & Overview for Mevo Plus

So what can you do with a launch monitor other than track your yardages? With the Flightscope FS Skills App and the Mevo Plus you can compete in and create custom challenges to test your skills and find your weak points.

The main three mobile apps you can use with the Mevo Plus are FS Golf, FS Skills, and E6 Connect. FS Golf is your main app for using the Mevo Plus in a virtual “driving range” environment. E6 Connect is a golf simulator app that includes multiple driving ranges and 6 golf courses for free along with your Mevo Plus purchase. You also have plenty of other potential golf simulator programs such as Awesome Golf and GSPro that you can connect the Mevo Plus to and Play. Keep in mind though that for a full simulator program like GSPro you will need to use a gaming pc.

In this article I’m going to give an overview of the FS Skills App. Continue reading or check out the video below.

Setting Up FS SKills App

On the home screen of the FS Skills App you have two choices, Skills Assessment or Settings. You’ll want to check that your settings are correct before beginning. These should be familiar if you’ve used the FS Golf App.

Mainly you are going to want to make sure you are set to the correct mode: Short Indoor for simulator environments, Indoor, or Outdoor. Also check that the Tee Surface Height and Sensor to Tee distances are correct.

FS Skills App settings

Tee Surface Height should be adjusted if you are hitting off a mat that is higher than the surface your Mevo Plus is sitting on. For example, your Mevo Plus is sitting on the ground but you are hitting off of a 2 inch thick mat, you would set this to 2 inches.

Sensor to Tee is the distance from the Mevo Plus to your golf ball. Flightscope recommends this to be 8ft but it has a range from 7ft to 9ft. Many users report better accuracy at 7ft but you will have to try what works best for you.

Playing a Skills Challenge on FS Skills

To start playing you’ll pick from a Flightscope Combine, Quick Play, or Custom Game. They all work the same. Each will have a certain number of targets which will vary in distance, shape, and size. Depending on where you hit the target you will receive 1 to 5 points per shot, or 0 if you miss the target.

fs skills app challenge

While playing you will still see all of the normal data tiles from your Mevo Plus at the bottom of your screen.

Once you have completed the challenge you can review your performance at each target and you will be shown a chart comparing your distance from target to PGA Tour player average. 

average distance to target

This will show you pretty clearly if you have some areas that are weaker than others. For example, after playing several skills challenges I noticed a clear pattern where I was way worse at very short distances and very long. The long distances make sense, but my short targets (less than 100 yards) definitely could be improved.

Create a Custom Game

Now that you know you’ve got some weak areas to work on it might be a good idea to create a custom game. You can do that easily.

You have the option to choose the number of targets, shots to each target, target shape, distance, and size. This makes it very easy to create my own custom “wedge challenge” with small circular targets at 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, and 100 yards.

fs skills app custom game

The FS Skills App is an awesome addition to Mevo Plus because it allows you to easily track your progress over time.

 In addition to FS Skills, you may also like to use the free E6 connect app that you get access to for their multiple driving ranges. In E6, you can select a green on the driving range and track your hits to that green. This lets you hit to a target casually without having to be inside of a challenge with scoring.

For more information, checkout a full overview and review of the Flightscope Mevo Plus launch monitor.

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