Add FSX 2020 Swing Cameras for Free Using Your Phone or Tablet

Can you use your phone as a swing camera in FSX 2020? Yes, using the iVCam app on your phone and PC.

Although you will only be able to record up to 60 fps this is still decent enough for slow motion and it’s free.

I’ve been using this app for a few months recording swings with my Bushnell Launch Pro and FSX 2020.

If you have a Foresight launch monitor such as the GC3 or GCQuad you can use this app to add a swing camera to your golf simulator as well.

Here’s how…

How to Add Your Phone or Tablet as an FSX 2020 Swing Camera

You simply need to turn your mobile device into a webcam for your PC. This can be accomplished by using the iVcam app.

There is a free and paid version. With the free version your video will have an iVcam logo in the corner of the screen and will run a video ad on your phone every once in a while.

I have been using the free version and it has not been a problem for me at all. If the logo or ads do bother you, just go for the paid version which is $25 for a permanent license.

EDIT: The free version is basically a 30 day trial. After that you will no longer be able to use HD resolution without upgrading. I paid the $25 so that I could continue to record in 1080p resolution.

Download the iVcam App on your PC and Phone

Visit the e2eSoft website and download the Windows Client Software onto your PC.

You only need the standard edition and the x64 version will work on both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of windows.

Complete the installation onto your PC and you should end up with an iVcam shortcut on your desktop.

Now download the iVcam app from your phone’s app store onto the mobile device you want to use as your swing camera.

Open the iVcam program on your PC and you will see a Waiting for Connection screen.

Open the app on your phone and you should be able to connect and see your camera running as long as both are on the same WiFi network.

ivcam on phone

Adjust your video settings to 1920×1080 resolution and frame rate to 60 or as high as you can.

ivcam settings

You can use the “switch camera” icon to rotate through the different cameras on your mobile device. For example, your front facing, rear facing, wide-angle etc. 

Any should work so whichever gives you the best look will do.

Setup your phone on a tripod or wherever gives you the view you want and leave it running. If you can see the video you want on your PC you are good to go.

Setup the Swing Camera in FSX 2020

Now open FSX 2020 and go to the driving range (or course). 

In the settings go to Swing Camera. You should be able to select ee2soft iVCam as your camera and view the video feed coming from your phone. 

fsx 2020 swing camera setup

Again, make sure your fps is 60 or as high as you could set it to within the iVcam app. The higher the frame rate, the better your slow motion will look.

You can go to your options and set the number of seconds you want the video to play after the shot. I found that either 7 or 10 seconds is best for seeing you swing replay.

fsx 2020 shot data settings

Save your settings and hit some shots. Now after every shot your video will replay at half speed.

If you want to keep the video replay from disappearing after the time you set just click on any of the buttons on that screen.

How to Use Multiple Devices as Swing Cameras

Now you’re in business but FSX 2020 supports 2 swing cameras (must have gold subscription for Bushnell Launch Pro users).

If you have a 2nd mobile device you can use the iVcam app on it as well. Follow the instructions here to run multiple instances of iVCam. 

Once you’ve followed the instructions on that page you simply open the iVCam app from the desktop shortcut twice.

This will open two windows labeled #1 and #2. Then open the app on both mobile devices. You will be prompted to choose #1 or #2.

two swing cameras

Now in FSX 2020 you can choose #1 as your first camera and #2 as your second!

Why You Should Use a Swing Camera in Your Foresight Golf Simulator

After using multiple launch monitors along with different golf simulator software, I’ve found that the most effective practice is when I’m automatically fed data without having to think about it or look for it.

By seeing a slow motion replay of my swing immediately after hitting a shot and without having to click anything, I’m getting immediate feedback of what the swing looked like while it’s fresh enough to remember what it felt like.

FSX 2020 Swing Video Replay

The old feel vs. real idea.

This feature alone has made FSX 2020 my go-to for driving range practice in my golf simulator.

I really enjoyed the video feature with my Mevo Plus using the FS Multicam app, however it doesn’t let you see the 3D ball flight like you normally would while recording video. An update to FS Golf now shows a shot tracer overlay on your video which is an improvement but still not what I’m looking for.

The swing camera isn’t just for the driving range in FSX 2020. It will work while you are playing a course.

FSX 2020 is no longer a great option for playing courses as its graphics don’t compete with FSX Play or GSPro, however neither of those programs offer a swing camera integration at this time.

Now if you want to review these swing videos later you can do so within your FSX live account.

Just make sure that you are signed in with your foresight account as the player in FSX 2020 and that you choose to save videos when prompted at the end of your session.

In FSX Live you can click on any shot and view the video along with all the shot data.

Videos in FSX Live

Swing Camera Alternatives

When trying to figure out how to add a swing camera to my golf simulator I was shocked at how few options there are, especially for less than $500.

Ideally, for high-quality slow motion you want around 240 frames per second. The USB cameras that can offer that quality are roughly $800 each.

Slow-Motion and FPS Explained

Regular video is usually 30 fps. If you play it back at ½ speed you will see 15 fps and the video will look choppy.

If you record your video at 60 fps and play it back at ½ speed you will see it at 30 fps and it will look much better.

You can use the same idea at higher frame rates and slower speeds. For example, 120 fps replayed at ¼ speed will show 30 fps.

There are other variables in play here but this is the basic explanation.

For the price of free to $25, this was by far the best for me but here are a few others.

Use Your GoPro as a Swing Camera in FSX 2020

If you have a GoPro camera laying around you would think that you could connect it somehow and get some great slow motion video.

I tried. 

You can connect your GoPro to your PC using the GoPro Webcam App. It must be a Hero8 or newer and you will have to connect it using a USB-C cable.

Unfortunately after setting it all up I found that you can only get up to 30 fps (frames per second) which means slow motion is really too blurry to use.

Using the iVCam app and my iphone 12 I could get up to 60 fps per second making it much more usable.

Both the GoPro and my iPhone 12 are capable of up 240 fps but when connecting to a PC to run through FSX 2020 it just doesn’t work for now.

Kayeton USB Camera

I have not tested the Kayeton camera but supposedly this is the same as the Dragon USB camera sold for $250 by Swing Catalyst.

This USB camera will get 120 fps at 720p (still HD) which is pretty good and better than using the iVCam app at 60fps.

Although it’s significantly cheaper on Amazon the downside is the shipping listed takes several weeks.

Maybe at some point I will test this one out.

Carl’s Swing Cameras

carls swing cameras

Carl’s Place is a reputable retailer known for their golf simulator enclosures and screens. 

They offer a swing camera set that includes 2 cameras for $450 which is still not a bad deal. 

These also are connected by included 10ft USB cables and offer 120 fps at 720p.

When I inquired about these I was told that Carl’s Place had not tested them with FSX 2020 but I don’t see why there would be any issue since they are connected to the PC via USB.

If you’re looking to buy from a reputable seller in the U.S., this may be the way to go.

I hope you found this helpful. Checkout some of our other Foresight related articles next!

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    • I have not tried them out. Overall I feel like I’ve seen more people say they have tried the Kayeton cameras and are happy with them. If you go forward I would love to hear what kind of results you get.


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