FSX Play vs FSX 2020 | What You Need to Know!

In this article I’m going to be comparing two pieces of software from Foresight, FSX Play vs FSX 2020. If you’re considering purchasing a launch monitor from Foresight you may be wondering what the difference is or why FSX 2020 hasn’t been made completely obsolete.

Currently, FSX Play is the latest release from Foresight, however plenty of people still use FSX 2020.

When I purchased my Bushnell Launch Pro, I used FSX Play for a full month before I downloaded FSX 2020. 

As you will see, both programs are extremely similar however there are still some reasons to use FSX 2020 even though it is outdated at this point.

Playing Interface: FSX Play vs FSX 2020

FSX Play has much better graphics and the golf courses look fantastic. Anyone will notice that right off the bat. 

In addition, FSX Play has a much sleeker, minimal user interface on the screen compared to FSX 2020. 

FSX Play Teton Pines #13
FSX Play – Teton Pines #13

The FSX 2020 screen looks pretty cluttered and has almost every shortcut available along the top of the screen. The data tiles also take up a significant portion of the screen. You can easily hide all that if you’d like but the new look of FSX Play definitely is the best of both worlds.

FSX 2020 Teton Pines #13
FSX 2020 – Teton Pines #13

FSX 2020 has more game options including the ability to move the minimap to the left side of the screen. This is a big deal for me because my hitting strip is offset to the right due to space constraints so the right side of the screen is what I see when I’m hitting.

Moving the minimap to the left side gives me a better view of the course when I’m hitting. FSX Play does not have any option to move the minimap, just to hide it.

FSX 2020 game options
FSX 2020 Game Options

Another feature in FSX 2020 is the ability to customize what shot data is shown after each shot and for how long it stays on screen. This can include a video replay if you integrate a swing camera.

Adding a swing camera has made FSX 2020 my go-to for driving range practice!

FSX Play doesn’t have this feature but you can manually view your shot data at any time.

FSX 2020 Ball Data View
FSX 2020 Club Data View

As you can see, FSX 2020 has much more in terms of game options and customization. 

Driving Range

A good virtual driving range is important to work on your swing in the most productive setting possible. The user interface from the course carries over to the driving range in both programs.

In both programs the driving range features a green with a flag as your target and you have the ability to set your distance to the flag.

In FSX2020 you can only select predetermined distances. There is a good selection from 50 yards to 350 yards and if you want any distance that’s not available you will need to right-click on a location using the minimap.

FSX 2020 Driving Range

In FSX Play the range is very similar but you can change the distance using the relocate feature. This brings up a slider that makes it very easy to set any distance you would like.

Additionally, you have the option of choosing to display your data tiles along the bottom of your screen or stacked along the side.

You are limited to 9 data tiles in FSX Play. For that reason, many GCQuad users choose to use FSX 2020 for practice so that they can easily view all of the data that the GCQuad provides.

FSX 2020 allows you to connect swing cameras and view your swing along with your data after each shot. FSX Play does not have any integration for cameras.

Again, FSX 2020 seems to have more options available for those looking to work on their swing.

Games and Extras

In this category FSX2020 is the clear winner as it simply has some features that FSX Play doesn’t.

Know your Numbers

Know Your Numbers is a club gapping feature that walks you through a process of getting your average distance for each club. 

You are able to select which clubs you’d like to test and then taken to the driving range to hit at least 3 shots with each club. If you hit more you are able to remove any that aren’t representative of a normal shot for you.

Once finished you are given a very nice report that shows your average carry with each club, the gaps between, and your dispersion circles.

Glass Break

Glass Break is a game in which you are given points for breaking panes of glass on a greenhouse. The game is timed and is fun way to get kids involved with golf.

Inside 6ft

Inside 6ft is a game in which you compete to hit your shot as close as possible at different distance stations. Inside 6ft is 1 point and outside of that you are given more points the farther you are. You get 10 shots per station and the lowest score wins.

Closest to the Pin, Long Drive, and Tournaments

Both programs allow you to compete in these games which are run by Foresight. At any given time there are games going on in these categories that you can enter. 

They will usually be live for a set period of time like 30-60 days and users can play at any time to try and make it up the leaderboard.

FSX 2020
FSX Play

FSX Play vs FSX 2020: Overall Winner

The good news is that you don’t have to choose between FSX Play vs FSX 2020. If you own a Foresight launch monitor (including the Bushnell Launch Pro) you have access to both!

It is unfortunate that you may have to switch between both programs to access certain features but hopefully FSX Play will continue to receive new features in future updates and will include everything FSX2020 has and more.

FSX 2020 is best for

  • Those that want to integrate a swing camera for video analysis
  • Advanced shot data analysis
  • Club gapping
  • Practicing

FSX Play is best for

  • Those looking for the best looking golf simulator experience
  • Playing courses

Interested in a more basic app you can use with a mobile device? Check out my review of FSX Pro next!

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