GSPro for Mevo Plus Review – What to Expect

Have a Flightscope Mevo Plus and considering purchasing GSPro to upgrade your golf simulator? 

I started out using my Mevo Plus with my iPad and a hitting net in my garage and slowly became obsessed with golf simulators and practicing golf at home.

GSPro has an almost cult-like following of happy users so when I swapped my net for a full-blown golf simulator setup I immediately tried out GSPro and have been enjoying it for quite a while now.

In this article I’m going to do my best to give you an idea of what you can expect from GSPro and your Mevo Plus. 

What You’ll Need to Run GSPro with your Mevo+

Gaming PC – desktop or laptop

To start, you’ll need a solid gaming PC to run GSPro. Unlike E6 Connect, there is no iPad or mobile version of GSPro.

GSPro is a powerful golf simulator software and will need a strong graphics card in your PC to get the high quality graphics it’s capable of, especially if you plan to run 4K.

Check the GSPro minimum and recommended system requirements in the FAQ here

If you already have a PC that doesn’t meet the recommended requirements you can still give it a try and see if you are happy with the results before upgrading your computer.

One of the great things about GSPro is that it offers multiple graphics settings that allow you to dial down the graphics if your PC can’t handle that Ultra setting.

If you’re not great with computers check out our article on choosing a gaming computer for a golf simulator or take a look at the best computers for GSPro.

Monitor or Projector

You might think you have to have a projector and impact screen to enjoy GSPro but that’s not necessarily true. 

While having a large impact screen and projector can provide a nice immersive experience, there are lots of GSPro users who hit into a net and view GSPro on a TV or computer monitor off to the side.

my first garage setup

Have a plan for your screen and make sure you have a long enough HDMI cable and power nearby for it.

If you’re on the fence about setting up a full golf simulator (with a projector) I would tell you to go ahead and do it.

I started with a hitting net and TV to the side but immediately got hooked and ended up upgrading to a full simulator setup. I would have saved some money and time just going all the way from the start.

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Extension Cord or Battery Pack

The battery life on Mevo+ is not great although it’s been improved significantly in the Mevo+ 2023 Edition. You should now get up to 3 hours of battery life.

If you do find that you’re running out of battery life while playing you can run an extension cord out to your Mevo Plus but make sure to still use the power adapter that came with your Mevo Plus at the end of your extension cord. 

If you’re looking for more details you can continue reading about building a golf simulator.

Connecting Mevo Plus to GSPro

Launch GSPro and after it loads a connection window will pop up in addition to the main GSPro screen. If it’s your first time you will need to select Flightscope in the window to change to the Flightscope connection.

Connecting your Mevo Plus to GSPro is as simple as joining your Mevo+ wifi network. You have probably done this with your mobile device already.

Simply find your Mevo+ wifi network on your PC and enter the password. Your password will be the characters after “FS” on the network name.

Now click “Connect” and when everything is green you are good to go!

mevo plus gspro connection

Note: If your PC is connected to the internet via WiFi only (not ethernet) you must launch GSPro first so that it can validate your license and then connect to your Mevo+ WiFi network. You will also need to keep your internet connection to download courses for the first time but it is not needed to play.

Mevo+ Settings on GSPro

Before you start playing you’ll want to double check the settings inside the Flightscope connection window.

These will look similar to the settings you see in the FS Golf app but they do not carry over from that app.

mevo plus gspro settings

Make sure you adjust the settings on the left side to match your indoor setup, just like you would in the FS Golf app.

You can use the Camera Alignment button to align your Mevo Plus with your hitting area and screen.

mevo plus gspro alignment

The options on the right side are more related to how GSPro uses the data from your Mevo Plus. By hovering over the text you will get an explanation of each option.

Normal, Chipping, and Putting Buttons

These buttons select the mode for your upcoming shot. GSPro attempts to select the best mode automatically but you can override their selection and choose your own with these buttons.

Shot Data on GSPro

The Mevo+ provides plenty of shot data and if you also have the Pro Package you of course want to see all that extra club data you paid for within GSPro.

There are a couple of ways you can view data within GSPro.

The connection window displays a few of the most common ball and club data numbers on the General tab.

If you click on the “Launch Advanced” button, this pulls up a window with a graphical view of your club and ball data.

mevo plus gspro advanced data view

I always leave the advanced view open on my computer monitor while GSPro displays through my projector. I prefer this view to quickly get some information about my last shot over standard data tiles.

In addition to the connection window and its advanced view, you can display all your data in tiles within the GSPro screen.

You can have up to 6 tiles on your screen while playing a normal round or up to 12 tiles if you are in Practice mode.

Putting on GSPro with Mevo Plus

If you’ve read my post on Mevo+ setups you know that putting with the Mevo+ is highly dependent on your indoor setup.

Personally, I never took the time to build a long-term solution for an even surface from my Mevo+ all the way to my impact screen.

mevo plus putting recommendation

I made multiple attempts at temporary solutions to see if I could get it to work with very little success. 

From what I’ve read online in Facebook groups and elsewhere, I believe most people struggle as well and the consensus is to not bother with putting on your Mevo plus.

That being said, there are a lot of users that say it’s no issue for them and only get a small number of misreads per round.

I know that’s a little confusing but what I’m trying to say is don’t expect great putting unless you’re going to buy or build an even flooring surface for your simulator. 

You should consider the SIGPro simulator flooring or one of the Fiberbuilt combo mats. In either case you will need to add a runway at least 24” wide that matches the height of the flooring you chose to extend back 8ft from the ball location.

If you want a DIY solution the most common method is to use either foam tiles or insulation boards built up to the height of your hitting surface and covered with putting turf.

golf simulator flooring

Before I could spend the time (and money) to perfect my flooring situation I ended up purchasing a Bushnell Launch Pro which reads my putts perfectly because the cameras only look at the impact area. 

I no longer had the need for perfectly even simulator flooring.

If accurate chipping and putting in GSPro is really important to you I would recommend going with a Bushnell Launch Pro or Foresight GC3.

Use AutoPutt on GSPro with Mevo Plus

Not interested in putting or don’t want to bother with all that flooring stuff? Just turn on autoputt on GSPro and forget about it.

There are two options for AutoPutt in GSpro: AutoPutt Fixed and AutoPutt Random.

AutoPutt Fixed displays 2 circles around the flag on a green which are the 1 putt and 2 putt circles. If you hit the green but you are outside of the 2 putt circle you will be given a 3 putt.

GSPro auto putt fixed

AutoPutt Random chooses the number of strokes to give you based on where your ball is on the green. Nobody likes to be assigned a 3 putt but I have found that if you’re being honest with yourself it’s pretty accurate.

I still choose to play with AutoPutt on when I want the round to go quicker or just don’t feel like taking the time to putt. Personally I like the AutoPutt fixed option the most.

Playing Video

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need the Pro Package to use Mevo Plus with GSPro?

No. It does not affect your gameplay at all in GSPro.

Does GSPro work with a phone or tablet?

No. GSPro requires a gaming pc that meets the minimum specs listed on their website. 

Do you need an internet connection to play GSPro?

Your PC will need an internet connection when you launch GSPro so that it can validate your license and also when downloading courses. After that you can play without an internet connection.

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GSPro is the best option for Mevo Plus owners to upgrade their simulation software. With over 400 courses you will never get bored. 

If you’re ready to pull the trigger check out our post on the best GSPro courses so you have a list to play when you get started!

aspro best courses

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