How To Use A Putting Mirror to Putt Like a Pro

There are many different putting aids out there, we feel the putting mirror is arguably the best putting aid you can buy. It serves many purposes and most of them being extremely important to stellar putting.

Let’s dive into some detail on how to use a putting mirror and why they are so important.

Why Is A Putting Mirror So Important

The putting mirror serves many functions. Other than just a mirror they include lines to help line up your eyes and shoulders, they have lines to help with your stroke and they have holes to put tees in to help start the ball on line.

The mirror part of the putting mirror helps you get your eyes in position, putting with you eyes in the correct position can be extremely beneficial in making more putts – see this article where we talk about how important your eye line is. It can also help align your shoulders, which will help you start the ball on line more often.

The lines on the putting mirror help you get your shoulders square, and help guide you with the correct way to take the putter back and forth. If you take your putter too far inside or outside the line, you can instantly see and make a correction.

The holes on either side of the line at the end of the mirror allow you to stick two tees in, this is the perfect gap for a ball to roll through, if your ball hits the tees, you know you are not starting the ball on line.

As you can see all of the above is extremely important if you want to be a good putter.

How To Use A Putting Mirror

The first thing you need to do is find a straight putt between six to eight feet from the hole. You can use a putt that has some break in it, but I do not recommend it.

Once you have found a putt, put the mirror down and align it to the hole, place a tee in opposite corners (I recommend buying a putting mirror with holes in the corners, this allows you to put tees in the mirror, which prevents it from moving).

putting mirror

Hit a few putts to see if you have aligned it straight, if you have to move it slightly that is fine, just make sure the ball goes into the hole on a good stroke.

Once you have got the mirror aligned correctly, put all four tees in the corners. If you want to practice your starting line, put the two tees on either side of the line.

putting mirror with tee gate
The two inner tees create a gate for your ball to roll through. If the ball doesn’t start on line it will hit the tees.

Place a ball in the middle of the mirror and take your putting stance. You should see your eyes just on the right side and level with the ball (right handed player), if not adjust your posture or stance until they are in the correct position.

how not to use a putting mirror
how not to use a putting mirror (2)
how to use a putting mirror correctly

Don’t forget to align your shoulders. Once these steps are complete you are ready to start putting. If your putter goes outside of the guidelines on the mirror, make adjustments accordingly.

The great thing about the putting mirror is you get instant feedback with regards to your eye line, shoulder alignment, putting stroke and starting line.

When To Use A Putting Mirror

With all things in life, use everything in moderation. Too much of something is never a good thing. How I use it and many professionals use it, is just a quick check up before your round.

Most professionals will use it for no more than ten putts before playing a round, just to check up on their eye line, shoulders, putter path and starting line. Within a few putts you will be able to determine if everything is on point, and if not make easy adjustments.

How I use it when I practice is, I set the putting mirror up and have a few putts on it, but then move onto a different drill, like distance control or what I call the wheel drill. After a few minutes of doing that I will move back to the mirror and have a few putts again.

This way you never get caught down in being too repetitive, because let’s admit it, you never have the same putt twice on the golf course, plus I feel it makes putting practice less boring.

My Putting Mirrors Of Choice

Budget Option – KINGTOP Golf Putting Alignment Mirror – purchase here

Really simple option, but does all you need. It is nice and small so it fits easily in your golf bag.

  • It has holes to put tees to hold the mirror in place.
  • The mirror itself is great
  • Simple alignment guides give you more than enough to work on your putting stroke and set up.
  • Instead of holes for tees to work on your starting line it has a gate slot, this allows the ball to roll into the slot when putting, I do find the holes for tees work better, this may be the only downside to the mirror, however you can just put tees in the green just outside the mirror.

Premium Option – Pro Path Golf Putting Mirror – purchase here

This is by far the best putting mirror on the market, very easy to fit into your bag. It is designed by PGA Professionals and used by Cameron Smith. We really love the paint line on the mirror showing you the correct face angle position in your stroke.

  • It has holes to put tees to hold the mirror in place.
  • Complex alignment guides allow you to dial in your game
  • This putting mirror also doesn’t have hole for tees instead a gate slot, this isn’t ideal, however placing tees outside the mirror can solve this.

The putting mirror is a must for all golfers, it doesn’t need to be used everyday or every round, but can be used just for check ups to see if your alignment, stroke and starting line are on point.

I guarantee you purchasing one of these will help your putting tremendously.

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