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The Mevo+ launch monitor is one of the most data packed launch monitors available. More and more golfers are using the Mevo Plus at home for practice or for full golf simulator play. In my case I’ve done both and have found that the Mevo Plus setup is critical if you want a really great golf simulator experience and not as important if you’re just wanting to practice your swing.

In this article I’m going to cover the recommended mevo plus setup and provide a variety of mevo plus setup example photos to give you some inspiration.

The included setup card shows the exact recommended setup for the mevo plus to work well indoors. If you can make your simulator setup look just like this card you should be in good shape. 

Unfortunately many people aren’t starting their golf simulator from scratch when they purchase their mevo plus. They might already have some kind of practice hitting station or a simulator setup they’ve been using with a different launch monitor. 

Golf simulator components like hitting mats aren’t cheap and you’ll want to make use of what you have if you can, however this leads to a lot of tweaks from the Mevo Plus recommended setup and often frustration.

From my personal experience, the most important aspects of the mevo plus setup are the mevo plus to ball distance, ball to screen distance, and putting strip. You can read more in my full mevo+ review.

Also, it’s not mentioned on this card but I have found that it is extremely helpful if all of these components are on the exact same surface height. This means you would have to consider some kind of simulator flooring with your hitting strip cut into the flooring to keep everything on one level surface. You’ll see some examples at the end of this article.

If you are reading this and panicking, don’t worry. Most people using the Mevo Plus probably don’t have the optimal simulator setup. There are ways that you can adjust these distances that we will go over below. 

Just keep in mind that the farther you stray from the recommended setup the more likely you will not get to use the full potential of the Mevo Plus, especially putting. When I first bought my Mevo Plus I had no intention of putting because I was not interested in playing simulation golf courses. The mevo plus, my fiberbuilt hitting mat, and Net Return Pro served me well as a very nice home golf practice setup however, I eventually traded my net for a screen and projector because I wanted to play courses. This could happen to you too!

Adjusting options in FS Golf

Tee height

Adjust this if your hitting surface is higher than the surface Mevo+ is sitting on. This is usually to account for your hitting mat being 1 – 2 inches thick. 

The best option is to leave this at 0 and make sure that your mevo+ and hitting surface are all on one level plane.

This setting is NOT for the height of your golf tee when tee’d up.

Mevo to ball

This is recommended to be at 8ft but there is a range of 7 – 9ft. I’ve heard of people using 7ft with good results but usually not more than 8ft.

Ball to screen

This is the distance you will have for indoor ball flight. A minimum of 8ft is needed however, the more ball flight you have the better chance the radar will read the ball correctly. 10 – 11ft is probably ideal for the short indoor setting.

It is recommended that tilt be set at 12* for golf simulators. I have found that having tilt exactly at 12* is not that important for full swings however, putting is where you may have to really experiment with your tilt setting. I frequently hear of people preferring 11* of tilt for simulation play.

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Aside from the positioning of everything the other thing you need to consider is potential interference to the radar. Flightscope also includes a card displaying what items could potentially cause radar interference such as fans, TV’s, Fluorescent lights, and refrigerators.

Radar works by constantly shooting out waves which hit objects like the golf ball and reflect back to the mevo plus. If something is affecting those radar waves your mevo plus will get distorted information back or none at all.

In my opinion, this is not as big of a problem for the mevo plus as people think it is but you want to be aware and avoid these if possible.

Metal objects

Pretty vague but think of heavy tools or machines that might be off to the side of your net. In my opinion you should try to move them if you can but don’t worry about it too much if you can’t.

Fluorescent lights

I changed out all of the fluorescent lights in my garage with new LED tubes before I received my Mevo+. Later on somebody told me that because I left the ballasts in place they would still give off some electronic noise. Even still, I’ve had no issues.


This one I was worried about because I planned on mounting a TV on the wall to connect to using HDMI. I ended up setting it up just to the side of the net and have had no issues.

Testing for interference

If you believe your mevo+ is getting interference from your environment you should contact Flightscope support and see what they say. There is a program that they can use to specifically see if there is interference to your launch monitor and you can work it out from there.

Mevo Plus Setup Examples

Here is one of the best mevo+ setup examples we can show. One level surface from the Mevo plus all the way to the screen. This will do very well for putting in simulation and you can see the owner is running GSPro simulation software. This is the Carl’s Place DIY enclosure and the mat is Fiberbuilt’s Player Preferred.

Here is a mevo plus example photo in what looks like a metal building or quonset hut. Plenty of space here with what looks like maybe 12 ft of ball flight in front of the screen. This setup has a very thin hitting strip which should make putting just off to the side of the hitting strip very easy.

A very nice garage golf simulator setup with the Mevo Plus. In this case the owner incorporated an actual putting mat into his hitting mat. Also, instead of a simulator enclosure it looks like they built their own using heavy curtains.

I really love this mevo plus golf simulator setup because of the way the turf runs wall to wall. In this case the room width does not allow the hitting strip to be centered with the screen. In most all golf simulator software such as E6 and GSPro you can enter the amount of the offset and the software will adjust the image on your screen to match. I also like the use of the 2×4’s to frame the turf which will also keep any golf balls from rolling away.

Here is a great example of a simple mevo plus setup which includes a hitting mat, net, and TV. You certainly don’t need a golf simulator enclosure and projector to enjoy simulation play. This mevo plus owner can simply plug in their laptop and enjoy GSPro pretty easily. If you are interested in adding GSPro check out my post on Mevo+ and GSPro.

In this photo the owner is propping up the mevo plus to match the height of the mat. This may work well for him but Flightscope recommends making the entire surface from the mevo plus to the screen one level surface. Obviously that takes a little more work and money so you should try things out first and see what works for your environment.

Here’s a very nice garage golf simulator setup. You can see the effort made here to keep one level surface all the way to the screen. This owner mentioned to me that he can easily disassemble his fiberbuilt hitting mat as well as the other tiles/turf to park his car as needed.

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I wanted to include this photo because you can see the puzzle piece foam tiles exposed at the bottom. This is a very common method of creating flooring for golf simulators as it will reduce the bounce on the golf ball and you can easily cut into to it to insert a hitting strip just as shown here.

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Use as a base for your golf simulator flooring. Cut with a utility knife to insert your hitting strip.

Lastly, here’s an example of backyard practice station. Not everybody wants to use the mevo plus as a golf simulator. All you need is a mat, a net, and your phone or tablet to really work on your game at home.

Another component to success with your Mevo+ is the golf ball. Since December 2022’s firmware update, the Mevo+ is now fully compatible with Titleist’s RCT balls which work specifically with radar based launch monitors. Check out my Titleist RCT Ball reviewTitleist RCT Golf Balls Review for Mevo Plus .

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