Mevo Plus Troubleshooting Issues and Solutions for Distance / Putting

The Mevo Plus is an awesome launch monitor for practice at the range or in a home golf simulator. It’s not without it’s faults though. Chances are you’re having some problems if you’ve found this Mevo Plus troubleshooting page.

The most common complaints about the mevo plus are that it shows distances are shorter or it misses reading putts and short chips. I am confident that in most cases of people complaining about mevo plus giving short distances, they simply do not realize what their actual carry distance is.

In cases where there actually is something wrong or the mevo plus misses chips or putts, it almost always has to do with the golf simulator setup.

If you are considering purchasing a Mevo Plus, don’t let this article discourage you. Read my full Mevo+ Review here.

I always recommend that people follow the recommended simulator setup from Flightscope if they plan to get the full use out of their mevo plus.

If you are currently having an issue, take a look at some of the common problems and solutions below. This Mevo Plus troubleshooting page will be updated as more fixes are discovered.

Mevo Plus distances are short

If your carry distances are coming up shorter than you think they should here are a few things to check.

I will say that even after you check all of the items below, you may still see Mevo+ coming up short on your longer clubs. I compared the Mevo+ vs GCQuad shot for shot and found that Mevo+ was pretty accurate on distance with my gap wedge and 7 iron but consistently short with my driver.

  1. Are you set to the correct mode for your environment? 

If you’re in a golf simulator or anywhere at home you most likely should be in “short indoor” mode. Even if you have 12+ feet, try short indoor mode instead of indoor.

  1. Is your tee surface height setting correct? 

In radar settings your tee height should be set to the difference in height from where your Mevo+ is sitting to the height of the hitting mat. It should NOT be set to the height of your golf tees.

If your mevo+ is sitting at the same surface height that you hit from, the tee height setting should be at 0. This is recommended.

  1. Check that your weather conditions are set to what you’re used to. 

If you are offline you may be set to Standard Sea Level instead of your local altitude. In real life, the higher the altitude the farther the golf ball flies.

  1. Check that the tilt is set to 12 degrees. 

The Mevo+ 2023 Edition has a kickstand that locks in at 12 degrees but the earlier versions don’t so you would have to adjust it manually.

If you are set to 12 degrees, try experimenting up or down up to 1 degree. Many people report 11 degrees being the best setting for them.

  1. Check for interference.

Fluorescent lighting, large appliances or metal objects can disrupt the radar from the mevo plus. If there are some of these that can’t be moved contact Flightscope support and discuss your issues. If they think interference could actually be the problem they can walk you through raw data sampling so that they can determine the level of interference you’re getting to your unit.

  1. Indoor Swing Syndrome or Other…

Indoor swing syndrome is when you are indoors and don’t swing the golf club like you normally would outside. Most people are not aware they are doing this because the difference is very subtle.

Generally you swing a little slower or don’t make a full swing without realizing it. The walls or objects around you cause you to subconsciously make a very “careful” swing. Try making the space around you more clear if you can and make some very “free” practice swings.

Also, MANY people just don’t hit the ball as far as they think they do, especially the longer clubs like driver. If you have access to another launch monitor somewhere, especially a top of the line one like a Trackman or GCQuad, see how your distances compare.

There have been tons of people thinking their distances are short with the mevo plus only to find out with another launch monitor that they are spot on.

Mevo Plus not charging

  1. Use the Flightscope OEM charger that was included with your Mevo+

Flightscope recommends you ONLY use the included charger. Using other chargers can damage your battery.

  1. Remove the Mevo+ Battery

Remove the battery for a minute and put it back in. You must pull the red rubber trim off to access the battery. Try not to full remove the rubber trim or it will be hard to get back on.

Mevo plus not reading short chips

  1. Make sure you are on the short indoor setting.

There are three settings for the mevo plus: short indoor, indoor, and outdoor. Even though the indoor setting says it’s for 12ft to 44 yards, try using the short indoor mode.

  1. Adjust your tilt lower.

The recommended tilt for mevo plus on golf simulators is 12 degrees. Try using 11.5 or 11 degrees instead. This shouldn’t affect your full shots but might help your mevo plus pick up those lower chips.

  1. Make one, level surface from Mevo+ to the ball.

See my article and video on Mevo+ golf simulator setups. Ideally you want one surface level that matches your hitting mat all the way to your mevo plus. Many people use foam tiles but you can use just about anything that matches the height of your mat.

  1. Try chipping from closer to the Mevo+.

Try chipping from 7ft or even 6ft from the Mevo+ instead of the recommended 8ft for full shots.

Mevo plus not reading putts

The problems and solutions can be the same as the mevo+ not reading short chips.

  1. Make one flat surface from your ball to the mevo plus.

No dips or gaps in between. This can be accomplished using foam tiles or anything similar that will match the height of your hitting mat. 

  1. Putt 7ft from the mevo plus instead of the recommended 8ft for full swings.
  1. Putt with a regular golf ball. No metallic stickers.
  1. Make sure the golf ball has a smooth roll all the way to the screen.
    Bounces and bumps can be a problem.
  1. Try lifting your putter head out of the way in your follow-through.
    Leaving the putter head down the target line can block the mevo plus from reading the golf ball.

FS Golf App not working or not saying ready

Sometimes the FS Golf app will get stuck when opening a full swing session. The screen will stay white instead of showing the driving range or it won’t say “ready”. 

Try force closing the app and relaunching. 

Force Close on iPad
Force Close on iPhone
Force Close on Android

Can’t Connect to Mevo Plus WiFi

1.) Change the Mevo Plus to match your device’s network type.

The mevo plus comes set to 5GHz WiFi by default. If you are using an older device and your mevo plus wifi signal is not showing up, try changing it to 2.4GHz.

In the FS Golf app go to Settings > Radar Settings > Advanced Settings > WiFi Settings.

Mevo Plus works great in FS Golf but not in E6, GSPro, or other simulator software

  1. Check to make sure your settings are correct in your other software.
    These programs usually have their own setup settings where you need to enter your distance from mevo plus to ball and distance from ball to screen.

Mevo Plus firmware update taking too long or stuck

There have been several firmware updates in early 2023 and some users report the updates taking a very long time or getting frozen during the update process.

The Flightscope team released the following suggestions on Facebook on 3/21/2023:

In response to customer feedback about firmware and software update difficulties, we suggest the following steps when updating the firmware and software for your FlightScope technology:

  1. Always ensure that your FlightScope unit and device (tablet, phone, PC) are fully charged and plugged in before starting a firmware or software update.
  2. If the update takes longer than two minutes, navigate to your Wi-Fi settings and ensure that your device is connected to your FlightScope unit.
  3. If you confirm that your device is connected to your FlightScope unit and the update does not complete after another minute, then force kill the FS Golf App.
  4. After you have killed the FS Golf App, navigate to your Wi-Fi settings again and ensure that Tablet/Phone is connected to your FlightScope unit.
  5. Open the FS Golf App again and restart the update process. The update process should complete.
  6. Again, please always ensure that your FlightScope unit and device is fully charged and plugged in when performing any updates.
  7. To ensure that your FlightScope unit has the latest firmware:
    1. Connect to your FlightScope unit
    2. Open the FS Golf app and navigate to Settings→Radar Settings
    3. Scroll down to the bottom and the current firmware versions for Mevo+ should be: AVR Firmware = 0.33 and DSP Firmware = 0.26

* NB Quick Tip: If you are using a tablet or phone with your FlightScope device, ensure that you have Auto-Join turned On for your FlightScope unit’s Wi-Fi network. You should also ensure that you have Auto-Join turned Off for your home, office and any other Wi-Fi network.

To turn Auto-Join on and off, navigate to the Wi-Fi properties of your FlightScope unit’s network. On an iPad or iPhone this can be done by tapping the blue “i” next to your FlightScope unit’s Wi-Fi network and Auto-Join will be one of the first options you see. On Android, this is accessible in your Wi-Fi settings by tapping on the settings icon next to each Wi-Fi network.

If you have any difficulties, please contact our support team.

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5 thoughts on “Mevo Plus Troubleshooting Issues and Solutions for Distance / Putting”

  1. I have the mevo reading my club at 114 mph face speed and the ball over 160. The launch angle is between 9 and 10 degrees. I cannot get a ball to 300 yds. that is way wrong. Is mevo doing anything to fix this? the readings are good. Just seems that the carry of the ball is off.

    • Hey Ryan,

      When I compared the Mevo Plus with the Bushnell Launch Pro head to head I found a few shots had way lower carry distance than the BLP (like 7% shorter). Also many were the same or within a few yards so the average was just slightly lower.

      I plugged your clubhead speed and launch angle (I used 9.5 degrees) into the Trackman distance optimizer and it spit out a ball speed of 168mph and carry distance of 280 yards. In order to get the launch angle to 9.5 degrees it needed an attack angle of -2.0. It doesn’t ask what your driver loft is so it’s not perfect but is your attack angle negative or close to zero? If so, maybe you are used to 300+ yard drives including roll out. The FS Golf app gives very little roll out. Other than that I would say maybe double check your altitude setting.

      Also, I’m assuming you’re using FS Golf. Would be curious to see if you get similar results in another software like GSPro or Awesome Golf.

  2. Hi, good article. I got my AVR updated to .33 (DSP .27) and it solved my battery issues but now E6 thinks I have a Flightscope Xi and I can’t adjust the alignment. Everything else works fine. Thoughts?

  3. E6, FS and GSPro disconnected in middle of play BUT Mevo was still connected to its WIFI!!!
    I could not get any of them connected!! Even disconnected Mevo and reconnected!!!🤦‍♀️


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