Skytrak+ Plus Review: A Deep Dive Into Accuracy and Software

Skytrak released their first launch monitor in 2014 and it went on to sell 70,000+ units making it the most popular launch monitor on the market.

In 2023, they released Skytrak+ which is a refreshed version of the original which now offers club data. 

When I looked at the Skytrak+ details I decided I had to try it out. There are several launch monitors in a similar price range like the Flightscope Mevo Plus and the Bushnell Launch Pro but each have their pros and cons.

Depending on how the Skytrak+ performs it could be a really solid option for somebody looking to spend less than the Bushnell Launch Pro but without the space required for the Mevo Plus.

Overall, I found the Skytrak+ to be a really solid launch monitor with pretty robust native software that’s geared towards game improvement.

In this Skytrak Plus review I’ll do my best to describe what you’re getting and provide you with information to make the best decision possible.

Amazing Value
  • Ball & Club Data
  • Minimal Space Required
  • Amazing Skytrak Software

Skytrak+ Space Requirements

When choosing a launch monitor for a home golf simulator, one of the first questions is how much space do you have? 

Some of the less expensive launch monitors use radar technology which requires 6-8ft behind the ball plus 8-10ft of ball flight before your impact screen or net. If you don’t have that space you can rule out these radar launch monitors right away.

skytrak+ positioning

The Skytrak+, just like the original, has essentially no space requirement. As long as you can swing your golf club safely and hit the ball into your screen or net the Skytrak+ will work.

The Skytrak+ uses a high speed camera to capture the golf ball at impact and immediately after so no real ball flight is needed. The addition of radar in the Skytrak+ is only used to capture club data, so the radar doesn’t need to see any ball flight either.

skytrak+ space requirements

The Skytrak+ sits facing the golfer at address about 18” from the ball, just like other photometric launch monitors like the Bushnell Launch Pro.

Launch Monitor Technology

The Skytrak+ uses both photometric and radar technology to provide the ball and club data.

The ball data is captured by a high-speed camera (photometric) right at impact. It uses the images to determine everything about the ball flight including launch angle, backspin, sidespin, and ultimately carry distance.

Camera-based launch monitors are considered to be the best option for indoor golf simulators as radar simply struggles with accuracy in such limited ball-flight scenarios. 

The new Skytrak Plus does use doppler radar though, but instead of using it to track the ball flight it uses radar to capture club data.

One benefit of using both types of technology is that there are no stickers or markings required on your golf clubs or balls. 

Foresight launch monitors are generally considered to be some of the most accurate indoor launch monitors but they do require reflective stickers on the club face to provide club data. 

The Flightscope Mevo+ requires a metallic sticker on the golf ball to provide accurate spin data (unless you’re using Titleist RCT balls).

Many other launch monitors require some type of marking on either the club or the ball, but there’s absolutely nothing required with the Skytrak+

Shot Lag / Delay

One other note on technology to mention is that the Skytrak+ still has a shot delay. That means there’s about a 2 second delay between when you hit the shot and it appears on screen.

Supposedly the Skytrak+ has a faster processor which has cut down on the delay compared to the original Skytrak.

It took a little bit of getting used to since I use other launch monitors that don’t have this delay, but ultimately it didn’t bother me too much. It actually got me to hold my finish a little better as I stood there waiting for the shot to show up.

Of course, my preference would be to have the experience as realistic as possible and that delay is a slight detractor.

Skytrak+ Accuracy

An important distinction with any launch monitor is what is measured vs what is calculated. All launch monitors measure certain data points and calculate others. What is measured is obviously most accurate while calculated data points are generally pretty accurate, they are essentially educated guesses.

With Skytrak+, nobody really knows what is measured vs calculated as Skytrak just doesn’t provide a whole lot of information about how their technology works.

After using my Skytrak+ for a few weeks I can say that most of the data generally passes the eye test. Unfortunately, unless something really stands out there’s not a great way to test the accuracy of any launch monitor.

skytrak+ review testing

I would say that I pay particularly close attention to Club Path on almost every shot I take and that number does seem to fluctuate a lot more than it does when using my Foresight GCQuad.

I also noticed that the vertical launch angle is consistently a few degrees lower on the Skytrak+ than when using my GCQuad and the same club.

Ultimately, it’s hard to compare launch monitors when they could be measuring things in slightly different ways. The important thing is that the ball flight shown on the screen is as accurate to real life as possible. 

So far all I can say is Skytrak+ seems to pass the eye test.

Connection Methods

skytrak+ connection methods


Skytrak+ comes with a USB-C to USB-A and USB-C splitter. You can connect the launch monitor directly to your PC for a wired connection however the provided cable isn’t very long…

Direct Mode

The Skytrak+ emits its own WiFi signal that you can connect to using your PC or mobile device. 

If your device doesn’t have another internet connection method like cellular data or an ethernet connection, you will lose internet connection while connected to the Skytrak+.

Network Mode

This is the recommended method. The Skytrak Plus stores your home WiFi credentials and when powered on it will automatically connect to your network. You can then connect to it when opening the Skytrak app from any device.

This works just like any other network device such as a shared printer.

I had some trouble initially getting this set up. It took a few tries and it acted like it didn’t work but it actually did. Every time I’ve turned it on since it’s worked flawlessly and it’s super convenient.

Setup is essentially turning it on and placing it in front of my hitting area, lining it up parallel to my target and opening the Skytrak software. By then it’s connected and ready to go.

Skytrak Software

The Skytrak software is where you really get a lot of value with the launch monitor. I found it to be very user friendly and focused on game improvement.

Driving Range

The driving range is where I spend most of my time. The data tiles across the bottom of the screen are very easy to read compared to other software I use.

skytrak+ driving range

The best thing about the driving range is that it provides “optimal ranges” for certain data points based on the club you’re hitting. Your shot data will then display as green, orange, or red based on how your shot compares to the optimal range.

Additionally, each data point can be opened up and an explanation of that metric is provided in writing and video. So if you have no experience with launch monitors you can quickly learn what your numbers mean and where they should be at.

I was also impressed with the amount of settings you can adjust in the driving range.

I quickly adjusted some settings to make the screen fit my eye better including changing the camera view and the screen offset. The hitting strip in my simulator is about 18” right of center on my screen but having an adjustable offset setting allows me to make the target on the screen look right down the line from my hitting strip.

Game Improvement Features

The game improvement features are available on a 30 day trial when you first register your launch monitor. After that they require an annual subscription for $129.95.

Among them are several features or “tools” including Bag Mapping, Skills Assessments, and a Wedge Matrix.

skytrak+ game improvement features

You may think you can map out your bag on your own, come up with your own skills assessment in your head, and write out your own wedge matrix on a piece of paper from memory. How likely are you to actually do that though?

Having these tools built-in gives you an easy to follow process that’s like a game you will actually want to play.

I actually created my own wedge matrix at the driving range without a launch monitor but it’s not near as detailed and reliable as the one I created in the Skytrak software.

My main motivation for building my home golf simulator was game improvement so these are the features I love to see and use.

Golf Simulation

The Play & Improve plan from Skytrak is $249.95 and includes all the game improvement features plus simulation software from E6 Connect and WGT by TopGolf.

E6 Connect is a very nice golf simulation software that I enjoyed using with my Mevo Plus. I’ve never used WGT but unfortunately I haven’t heard great things. 

E6 is available for both PC and iOS while WGT is iOS only.

If you don’t have a gaming PC and are looking to use an iOS device only with your Skytrak+ this is not a bad route to go. E6 works great on an ipad and you can connect to a TV or projector using a lightning to HDMI adapter.

The big question is will Skytrak+ work with GSPro, the most popular golf simulation software on the market?

Currently, Skytrak+ is not officially supported by GSPro but there is a community created connection that works with GSPro’s OpenAPI. Unfortunately it does not allow putting with the SKYTRAK+ yet.

Skytrak+ Pros and Cons


  • minimal space requirements
  • Great software for PC or mobile aimed at game improvement
  • no club or ball stickers needed
  • Quick and easy setup


  • no angle of attack data
  • not officially supported for GSPro
  • won’t work outdoors on real turf (mats only)
  • small hitting area compared to other launch monitors
  • Accuracy of measurements / calculations unknown for now?
  • Shot delay (lag between hitting shot and seeing it on screen)

Amazing Value
  • Ball & Club Data
  • Minimal Space Required
  • Amazing Skytrak Software

Skytrak+ Alternatives

Bushnell Launch Pro

The Bushnell Launch Pro (or the Foresight GC3 outside of the U.S.) is pretty much the leader in launch monitors under $5000. It uses a 3 camera system and its accuracy is pretty much unquestioned. 

Compared to Skytrak+ you are spending more money (still in the ballpark) but getting much closer to professional quality. Check out our direct comparison of the Skytrak+ vs Bushnell Launch Pro.

Favorite Multi-Use

Bushnell Launch Pro

Our favorite launch monitor for those that want portability but excellent use in a golf simulator!

Mevo Plus

The Mevo Plus is very popular for its value. By adding the Pro Package for a one-time fee you are getting all of the data points you could ever want without any subscription required. 

The downside is the Mevo Plus relies on radar technology which is less accurate indoors, requires more space, and is a little more finicky to set up.

Top Pick

Flightscope Mevo+

Add the Pro Package for club data like Club Path, Face to Path, and Face to Target!

Skytrak (original)

The original Skytrak is still being sold and supported. If you are not interested in club data and simply want a low-cost, indoor launch monitor that doesn’t require a bunch or space the original Skytrak may be a good choice.

Personally I don’t think it makes much sense to pay full price for a new one. Instead I would purchase it used from a reputable source.

Amazing Value
original skytrak
SKYTRAK (original)
  • Includes Ball Data
  • Minimal Space Required
  • Amazing Skytrak Software

Final Thoughts

I absolutely love the Skytrak software and its game improvement features. If and when it becomes compatible with GSPro it will be a really solid option for a lot of people.

At $2995 + $129.95/year for the Game Improvement plan it is a less expensive option than the Bushnell Launch Pro. However, I do think there should be a larger gap in price between the two as I see the Launch Pro as a much more professional quality launch monitor that does work (unofficially) with GSPro.

For anyone that has the budget to go with the Launch Pro, that is what I would recommend.

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