Titleist RCT Golf Balls Review for Mevo Plus 

Since covid, the number of home golf simulators and golfers practicing at home has skyrocketed. The golf industry has definitely taken notice and Titleist has released its RCT golf balls which are designed specifically to work indoors with radar based launch monitors. 

I’ve had my Mevo plus for about 8 months now and decided to test and review the Titleist RCT golf balls for the Mevo Plus. Continue reading to find the results or check out the video of the test below.

Mevo+ Firmware Update – Titleist RCT Balls Officially Compatible

In December of 2022 Flightscope released a much anticipated firmware update to the Mevo Plus as well as an update to the FS Golf app. 

The update to the FS Golf app included a slightly sleeker interface, prominent battery level indicator for the launch monitor, a shot tracer overlay on the video screen, and official support for the Titleist RCT golf balls. You can now select the RCT ball within the FS Golf app.

So what are Titleist RCT golf balls?

RCT stands for “Radar Capture Technology”. Basically there is some type of radar reflective marker underneath the cover of an otherwise normal golf ball which allows radar based launch monitors to pick up and read the spin of the golf ball more easily in an indoor environment like a golf simulator.

Titleist developed the RCT golf balls originally for/with Trackman however very quickly after their release they were adopted as “compatible with” the much more affordable Garmin R10 and Full Swing KIT launch monitors. Finally, the Flightscope X3 and Mevo+ have been added to the list.

Since indoor golf simulators have very limited ball flight, usually 10 – 12 feet, it can be a difficult task for radar based launch monitors to accurately read the spin rate in such a short distance. 

The Flightscope Mevo Plus has a built-in solution for shots where it fails to read the spin rate. It will calculate an estimated spin rate based on the other parameters it was able to read. If it uses an estimated spin rate for a shot, it will display the spin rate in italics. 

Are the Titliest RCT Golf Balls More Accurate with the Mevo Plus?

Now that the Titleist RCT golf balls are officially compatible with the Mevo+ I ordered a box and decided to conduct a test to determine if they offer any different results.

As you may know, Flightscope recommends the use of a metallic sticker on the golf ball when indoors.

I decided to test a regular ProV1 golf ball, a ProV1 with a metallic sticker and the new Titleist RCT ProV1 golf ball. 

I hit 10 shots for each ball with a pitching wedge and then 5 shots for each ball with a driver. This was conducted in my garage golf simulator where I have 8ft from the Mevo Plus to the golf ball and then 10ft from the ball to the screen.

Titleist RCT Test Results with Mevo Plus

All 10 shots have estimate spin rates.
1 out of 10 shots caught the actual spin. See shot 6.
10 out of 10 shots got actual spin numbers. Wow!
Averages with each ball.
All estimated spin numbers.
5 out of 5 got actual spin with the metallic dot. Much better than the pitching wedge.
5 out of 5 with actual spin. A perfect 100% for the whole test with the RCT ball.
Summary numbers for the driver.

The results clearly show that the Titleist RCT golf ball works significantly better than the metallic dot and no dot at all. However, I think the similarity in all of the data also shows that even when the spin rate is not captured, the Mevo Plus does a fantastic job of estimating the spin rate.

So if you want the absolute best golf ball for the Mevo plus, definitely pick up a box of Titleist RCT balls. If “close enough” numbers are good enough for you, you certainly will still be getting accurate launch monitor data with any golf ball you use. 

If you think you are having issues with your Mevo+ like shorter distances or missed chips, check out Mevo+ troubleshooting.

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