What Is A Broomstick Putter?

Broomstick putters are generally 50 inches long and reach the player’s sternum. These long putters have heavier heads and may benefit  those with shaky hands and back problems. 

Broomstick putting is one of several different alternative putting styles that golfers have created over the years in attempts to gain an advantage.

All About The Broomstick Putters

Aptly named the broomstick putter due to the putter’s broomstick-like length and the sweeping motion used during a stroke. 

 These putters are generally 50” long with heavier heads. Using a long putter to enhance posture has become increasingly popular among players who previously anchored their putts. Many people think they help with short putting as well. 

How the broomstick putter is utilized, not the putter itself is what determines if it is legal. In the past, golfers would use these putters by anchoring them against their chest, which entails pushing the shaft’s butt end into the sternum to create a 3rd point of contact with the player’s body. The other two points of contact are the hands. 

The act of anchoring is what is no longer legal however the putter itself can still be used.

USGA Rule 14-1b, Ban on Anchoring

How To Use A Broomstick Putter

Broomstick putters came about as a way to cater to everyone that desires to play golf but may not like the standard putter. 

The lead hand should hold the top of the putter. Remember, the putter can’t be anchored so the top of the putter should hover about an inch away from the chest. Place the other hand lower down the grip. Engage and use the chest, arm, and back muscles to rock the shoulders to make a stroke. 

Benefits Of Broomstick Putting

Unsurprisingly, there are several advantages to using broomstick putters. Here are some benefits you can expect.

Broomstick Putters Might Aid In Stroke Consistency

According to studies, the easiest technique to increase consistency may be the broomstick putting method. Using a broomstick putter or long putter can reduce wrist and up and down movement, allowing the golfer to only focus on their body. 

A player is able to minimize the number of mistakes encountered throughout the stroke by minimizing these motions. Golfers’ strokes may start becoming more consistent because of this.

Long Putters May Be Easier On The Back

Lengthy putters may be less taxing on the back, keeping many golfers in the game. Furthermore, they are very much appreciated by those who have had back fractures or any back injury that gets aggravated and painful when they hunch over. 

Broomstick Putters Allow A Pendulum Movement

 The shaft is nearly straight up and down which makes it much simpler to produce a perfect pendulum movement with the stroke. The putter can move straight back and through with less arc than a traditional putter.

Golfers May By-Pass The Putter’s Lie Angle Degree Rule

Although a broomstick putter’s lie angle should be no more than 80 degrees, as it would be much simpler to constantly use a straight-back and through stroke, golfers may be able to work around this and gain an advantage.

The effective lie angle of a broomstick putter, however, is practically perpendicular to the ground when you hold it. Additionally, it is typical to set the putter against the ground where the lie angle becomes greater than 80 degrees. 

Therefore, players can get past this restriction. They can do this by positioning the putter in a highly upright position. 

Drawbacks Of Broomstick Putting

Although there are many advantages to using a broomstick putter, several disadvantages are worth noting.

Broomstick Putters May Not Be The Best For Long Putts

Broomstick putters are highly reliable for short- and mid-range putts, but any putt further than 20 feet may be challenging to assess in terms of distance. 

This is due to the difficulty of instinctively accelerating the club to hit the ball at the proper distance on longer putts.

Simply put, it may seem as though you need to make an absurdly long backswing before accelerating through impact to get the ball where it needs to go. 

It could take some time to adjust your distance control when you choose to transition to using a broomstick putter.

There Is A Stigma That Surrounds Broomstick Putters

Overall, there are very few professional golfers that use a broomstick putter and probably even a smaller percentage of amateur golfers use them. Since these putters were used for anchoring previously (before the ban), many in the golfing world still view them almost like cheating.

In short, if you pull out a broomstick putter on the course you may get some weird looks.

Players Substitute Feel For Consistency With Long Putters

Broomstick putting is, in all honesty, a little bit mechanical. You’ll notice that despite feeling more stable, the face of the putter may offer less control or margin for error. 

You’ll be astounded at the considerable control and feel you might have for the putter face once you switch to a shorter putter. 

After players initially switch, they might notice that although their putting stroke is now simpler, it still feels unnecessarily robotic-like. In essence, feel is being exchanged for consistency. Almost everyone who has the yips may be prepared to weigh this trade-off. 

Looking for alternatives to traditional putting? Check out the arm lock putting. Sticking with your traditional putter? Hole more putts after reading our 6 easy putting tips.

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