What Is An Arm Lock Putter?

Arm lock putters are putters that are placed along the forearm of the leading hand 2 inches below the elbow crook. They have a longer shaft, longer grip, and a slightly heavier putter head.

As an avid golfer, I have noticed that golf is a complex game with many factors. Removing pointless variables is an effective strategy to simplify the game and results in lower scores.

All About Arm Lock Putters

Arm lock putters may be particularly great if you want to make more putts and aren’t getting results with the traditional style of putting. Putters with an arm lock grip tend to have a longer shaft and are heavier than other putters. These putters are secured to the leading forearm. 

This enables golfers to move more fluidly by allowing the shoulders to rock like they would during a typical stroke. Arm lock putters have a different design as they are typically a halfmoon, half mallet design. The spec is also significantly different when compared to most putters. 

Arm lock putters have longer grips and typically between 5 and 7 degrees of loft. Standard putters will have around 3 degrees of loft.

What Is Arm Lock Putting, And Is It The Future Of Putting?

Arm lock putting essentially allows  a golfer to use bigger muscles to make a stroke as they rock their shoulders and take their wrists out of the equation. 

Several professional golfers like Matt Kuchar, Webb Simpson, Bryson DeChambeau, etc., have used this method for quite some time. [1].

Furthermore, some have even won several times on tour using this unique putting method. And with more and more pros joining in, it seems as if the arm lock putter might be here to stay. 

How To Arm Lock Putts

Since the ban on anchoring putters in 2013, golfers have had to figure out what to do instead of anchoring a belly putter. This is where the arm lock came in. Here are some arm lock putting tips for newbies:

  • The key is to ensure the putter does not go past the crook of the inner elbow of your leading arm. That Is considered a non-conforming part of the putter. Therefore, it may be imperative to find an arm lock putter that fits your height, so it does not go past the elbow. The grip should ride along your forearm and rest two inches below the elbow.
  • Ensure you have a bit of forward shaft lean. The putter has more loft because it is designed to have a slight forward press up against your leading arm.Rock your shoulders back and forth once the putter is situated on the crook of your leading arm.
  • The grip is usually standard, but your trailing hand cannot help anchor the putter against the arm of your leading hand. Simply place the other hand below the leading hand, just as you would grip a traditional putter.
  • The pressure placed on the grip might be one of the crucial components of the arm lock putter method. Applying pressure with the trailing hand causes the grip’s butt to stay in contact with the player’s leading forearm. This leads to players being able to control the putting stroke through the shoulders. 

Why Aren’t Arm Lock Putters Being Used By Most Golfers?

Most golfers that have used arm lock putters are at a loss for words as to why anyone, particularly beginners, would choose to use a regular putter. 

The occasionally wobbly takeaways golfers encounter with a regular putter virtually disappear, resulting in more reliable putts down the line. Additionally, golfers may discover that their speed control might be much better after removing the wrist variable.

The end result matters most. Some people know that arm lock putting is legal but  personally consider this type of putting method as anchoring. Furthermore, these arm lock putters cost a pretty penny. Companies like Odyssey and Bettinardi aren’t exactly known for being cost-efficient. This unique putter may not be something many want to fork out a good amount of money for, especially with the possibility of a futre ban.. 

Yes, arm lock putting is legal. [2]

What Are The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Arm Lock Putting?

As with any putting method, there are bound to be both advantages and disadvantages. 

Benefits Of Arm Lock Putting

Arm Lock Putters May Get Rid Of The Yips

Golfers find it impossible to yip a putt by removing the wrist factor from the stroke. 

Arm Lock Putters Might Result In Greater Consistency

A steady, consistent rhythm is created in a golfer’s stroke due to the natural pendulum movement. 

The player can keep their hands just ahead of the head of the putter throughout the stroke by applying the proper forward force. The ball may then slide off the putter’s face with greater consistency and topspin thanks to this ideal mix.

Drawbacks Of Arm Lock Putting

The Added Loft And Length May Make Alignment A Problem

Alignment may be an issue. Amazingly, arm lock putting looks funky to most, especially compared to the standard putting method. 

This is because it is awkward at first and feels somewhat unnatural. It may take some experience to get oneself positioned online with the hole because of the added length or loft. For this reason, it might take some time to feel at ease on the putting green.

The Correct Speed May Be Hard To Find With Arm Lock Putters

Finding the correct speed on longer putts may be difficult because of the length and weight of the arm lock putter. [3]

 There are mixed feelings when it comes to the use of arm lock putters. Some feel they are still not part of the art of golf, even if there is no anchoring, while others are confused as to why every golfer isn’t jumping on the arm lock putter train. 

Although there is some disdain for these putters, they can still be utilized on the green as they are legal. As many pro golfers seem to be using arm lock putters more often, they may just be the future of putting.

If you are looking to improve your putting but think arm lock is not for you, check out our putting tips and stick with your current putter.

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