Recommended Products

This site is filled with reviews of different products that are good, bad and in-between. It may be hard to determine which ones I would recommend over all the others.

That’s what this page is for.

Below are products I would recommend to you if we were friends and you asked me what to buy.

Launch Monitor

Bushnell Launch Pro

In my opinion this is the best launch monitor available under $5,000.

Aside from a few missing data points – it functions just like my Foresight GCQuad which is 6X the price.

It works perfectly indoors and outdoors and setup takes a few seconds.

Some folks get hung up on the subscription being expensive, and it is. But you have to realize that the Launch Pro is actually a Foresight GC3, which retails for $7,500 (no subscription required).

Since the Launch Pro is $3,500 + the subscription some people opt for other launch monitors in the $3,000 range thinking they are getting a comparable product.

It’s not.

There is a pretty wide gap in quality, reliability, and accuracy between the Launch Pro and other launch monitors in its price range.

So spend just a little bit more if you can and you will get a much more professional-level experience.

Favorite Multi-Use

Bushnell Launch Pro

Our favorite launch monitor for those that want portability but excellent use in a golf simulator!

Golf Simulator Enclosures

Carl’s Place DIY Enclosure Kits

This is the only simulator enclosure I’ve owned so I can’t honestly say that it’s better or worse than any others.

What I can say is it’s the least expensive enclosure I’ve found and I have no issues at all with the quality.

I own the 8’x10.5′ enclosure with premium screen and I also added the pipe framing kit so I wouldn’t have to mess with cutting the EMT pipe. I just pulled it out of the box and assembled it.

The other thing I can say is that Carl’s Place has exceptional customer service. They were extremely helpful when I contacted them trying to figure out which projector to pair with my screen size, and they’ve been fantastic every other time I’ve contacted them.

Best Value
Carl’s DIY Enclosure Kits

6 standard sizes
Best value on simulator enclosures!

Hitting Mat


I tested a lot of hitting mats. You can find all the reviews on this site.

All of them were good mats. There was only one I was really disappointed with.

The SIGPRO Softy is the one that just felt perfect to hit from and I ended up keeping. When I’m hitting balls I really don’t notice that I’m hitting from a mat.

If you haven’t used different mats and you try out the SIGPRO Softy for the first time you may not be impressed.

I think if you try a bunch you’ll find that some are too soft, some are too firm, and some are something else that isn’t realistic at all.

The SIGPRO Softy was the right amount of everything and I wouldn’t have a problem recommending it to anybody. High handicap, scratch golfer, elbow injuries, etc… Any of them would be good with this mat.

Realistic & Soft
sigpro softy golf mat
SIGPRO Softy Mat & Hitting Strip
  • 4’x10′, 4’x7′, or Hitting Strip Only
  • Feels like soft fairway
  • Chipping feels great
Buy at the Indoor Golf Shop Read Review

Simulation Software


If you want to play simulation golf then GSPro is really a no-brainer.

For $250/year you can play over 500 courses in 1080p or 4K. More courses are being added every week.

You can play online with friends across the world or join the Simulator Golf Tour and compete in tournaments every week.

It’s updated with new features frequently so I have no doubt it will be getting better every year.

Golf Net

Net Return Pro V2

I started out in my garage with just a launch monitor, mat, and a net.

The net was the Net Return Pro V2 and I would highly recommend it.

There are plenty of cheap golf nets available online but if you’re looking for something that’s higher quality and a little more professional, definitely check out Net Return products.

They are nice enough you can even use it indoors in your man cave and it won’t look cheap or temporary.

Top Golf Net
net return pro v2
The Net Return
  • Multiple Sizes
  • 250,000 Shot Guarantee
  • Easy to Assemble and Disassemble
  • 10% Off With Code: FRIENDLYGOLFER10