Carl’s Place Divot Hitting Strip Review [2023]

This is a review of the Carl’s Place Divot Hitting Strip which can be used by itself within your own golf simulator flooring or with their HotShot Hitting Mat.

I’ve been testing all the major golf mats and hitting strips to find out what I like best for my garage golf simulator.

Carl’s Place is well known for their golf simulator enclosures and impact screens. I purchased my own 8’x10.5’ DIY Enclosure Kit from them last year along with a BenQ projector.

I relied on them to help me choose the right projector for my simulator space and I found their customer service to be top-notch.

In this review of the Carl’s Divot Hitting Strip I’ll do my best to describe the hitting strip itself, how it feels, and how it can be fit into your own golf simulator.

Realistic Divot Action
Carl’s HotShot Mat & Divot Action Hitting Strip
  • Multiple sizes
  • Pre-cut insert, ready to replace with the Divot Action Hitting Strip

Carl’s Divot Hitting Strip Quality

The Carl’s Divot Hitting Strip was shipped in a nicely fit box that arrived in perfect shape. Inside was a piece of paper with a QR code that linked to an instructional video on how to fit the hitting strip into your flooring.

Since I was just testing it out along with several other options, I was able to drop the hitting strip into my Fiberbuilt Grass Traditional Mat

Although the Fiberbuilt Grass section is 12” x 46.5” it fit just right in width and height. I just pushed it all the way to the front to keep it from sliding forward while hitting.

carl's divot hitting strip fiberbuilt replacement

One of the biggest questions I had before receiving the Carl’s Divot Hitting strip was how does it compare to the Gungho Golf Holy Grail?

Comparing them side by side they seem just about identical in construction.

carl's divot hitting strip vs holy grail

There are essentially three layers:

Top layer: putting turf

Middle Layer: a flexible plastic which I suspect is polycarbonate. This keeps the putting turf on  a solid surface while allowing it to flex without cracking when a shot is hit.

Bottom Layer: The front and back ends have strips of hard foam with velcro already applied to hold it in place. In the middle are three strips of foam which absorb the impact of the golf club.

carl's divot hitting strip layers

The Carl’s Divot Hitting Strip comes in either a Beginner or Advanced version. The difference between the two are the three strips of foam that run the length of the hitting strip.

carl's advanced hitting strip next to gungho holy grail

carl's divot action height vs holy grail

The Beginner version has a softer, more squishy, foam that will allow for more cushion when you hit it fat or strike the turf too steeply.

The Advanced version uses a different foam that is less squishy.

I only tested the Advanced version and when comparing vs. the GungHo Holy Grail the Advanced version is harder. My guess is that the Beginner version uses the same foam as the Holy Grail.

This type of “divot action” hitting strip can be done DIY style of course but I found the options from both Carl’s Place and Gungho Golf to be very well made. Clean cuts and corners and nothing sloppy when you look underneath.

Feel / Realism

After hitting some shots with the Carl’s Divot Hitting Strip I can say that I did like the feel. The advanced version is definitely the one that I would go with assuming that the beginner version is just as squishy as the Holy Grail Hitting Strip.

The firmer foam underneath gave a more solid feeling when hitting shots and none of the “bouncy” feeling I got when using the Holy Grail. I felt like the Holy Grail almost felt a little bit like a spring board.

The advanced version foam let me forget that there was foam there at all. It felt like hitting off a mat but with just the right amount of cushion that allows it to give a little bit. That “give” should help prevent joint pain and also let you hit down and through the ball more than a one-piece mat.

Fit Within Golf Simulator

One question you might have is how a golf mat or hitting strip might fit within the flooring of your simulator.

The Carl’s Divot Hitting Strip only comes in one size – 12” x 30”. That’s a little bit of a bummer, especially if you are looking to use it as a Fiberbuilt grass replacement. 

The height is listed at 1.75” and mine measured pretty close to that.

That should make it easy to match up with any other 1” material you use for your simulator flooring. Your putting turf should add about ⅜” to ½” which will get it pretty close to lining up. 

carl's divot hitting strip next to 1 inch tiles

The photo above shows it sitting next to 1″ foam tiles with turf on top.

The hole it’s inserted into may secure it enough to not need the velcro which could lower the height a little bit more as well.

The other option is to purchase the Carl’s HotShot Hitting Mat which has a pre-cut hitting strip made to fit their Divot Hitting Strip. Simply choose the mat size that you want along with the Beginner or Advanced hitting strip and you’re done!

Pros and Cons


  • Two choices of firmness. I prefer the advanced.
  • Quality construction, professional made.
  • Height is perfect to fit most subfloors made with 1” material and putting turf
  • Option to use with the HotShot mat which is a complete solution


  • Only one size option – 12”x30”

Realistic Divot Action
Carl’s HotShot Mat & Divot Action Hitting Strip
  • Multiple sizes
  • Pre-cut insert, ready to replace with the Divot Action Hitting Strip

Video Review: Carl’s Divot Hitting Strop

Alternative Hitting Strips

Gungho Holy Grail Hitting Strip

The Holy Grail is the closest in design to these divot action hitting strips. It is almost identical in construction and has more size options. There is only one version in “softness” but my guess is that it matches the Beginner version of Carl’s.

SIGPRO Softy Hitting Strip

The SIGPRO Softy is extremely popular for use in home golf simulators and it was my personal favorite hitting strip to test. I found it to have the perfect blend of cushion and realistic feel. 

EZ Tee Hybrid Hitting Strip

The EZ Tee Hybrid is also super popular and used within PXG retail stores and Trackman simulator installs. While most other hitting strips are multiple layers of foam and turf, the EZ Tee hybrid is just a turf. 

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  1. I’m making my own divot action strip, but I’d like to make it more like the advanced Carl’s and so soft like the holy grail strip. Any idea what foam I should use for the strips lengthwise?

    • Sorry I’m really not sure. My only guess would be to check out a crafts store like Hobby Lobby or something. The Holy Grail foam took no effort at all to compress with my finger. The advanced strip from Carl’s would compress but you have to use a little force.


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