[2023] Best Golf Hitting Mats for Home Simulators & Practice

People often overlook how important the hitting mat is to an indoor golf simulator. Not only do you want it to look good but it will also affect every single golf swing you take.

You want it to feel as realistic as possible AND look good in your golf simulator room. Playing lots of indoor golf on mats can also cause injuries to your arm and wrist that could keep you from playing golf.

I decided I wanted to find the best golf hitting mats for my home simulator by testing out 7 of the most popular options.

After all my testing I decided that the SIGPRO Softy is the best all around hitting mat. By “all around” I mean I think that it’s the best hitting mat for MOST people.

Even though I think most people will be very happy with the SIGPRO Softy, there are still reasons why you might want to consider a different mat and there are some other great options out there.

Keep reading below and I will summarize what I’ve found.

Best Golf Hitting Mat Overall – SIGPRO Softy

best golf hitting mats - sigpro softy

The SIGPRO Softy was designed by the Indoor Golf Shop, a company focused on nothing but golf simulators.

It features a simple design that’s lightweight and easy to pick up and store when not in use.

In all my testing I found the SIGPRO Softy hitting strip to be the perfect balance between softness and realistic feel. You can also use a real golf tee.

It was definitely a favorite of mine and I felt that this would be the mat I could recommend to almost anybody, no matter what they’re looking for.

Realistic & Soft
sigpro softy golf mat
SIGPRO Softy Mat & Hitting Strip
  • 4’x10′, 4’x7′, or Hitting Strip Only
  • Feels like soft fairway
  • Chipping feels great
Buy at the Indoor Golf Shop Read Review

Best Golf Hitting Mat for Good Golfers – Fiberbuilt Player Preferred

fiberbuilt player preferred

Fiberbuilt is known for high quality and mostly known for their Grass Series mats. The Player Preferred mats are targeted to better players who are looking for a more realistic feel.

They feature a luxurious 2’x4’ hitting area that gives you plenty of room if you have a launch monitor with a larger hitting area like the GCQuad or Uneekor Eye XO.

The hitting area is definitely one of the most firm that I tested but impact felt really nice. I felt like the SIGPRO Softy felt closest to soft fairway and the Player Preferred felt like firm fairway.

This was the most expensive mat I tested but it may be well worth it for it’s large hitting area and high quality.

Realistic Feel
Fiberbuilt Player Preferred Studio Mats
  • Multiple sizes and configuration
  • Real feel
  • Clean look

Best Golf Hitting Mat for Injury Prevention – Fiberbuilt Grass

best golf hitting mat for injury prevention

I used the Fiberbuilt Grass mat for almost year after I developed tennis elbow from the first mat I tried in my garage golf simulator.

The Fiberbuilt Grass can best be described as an upside down broom head. Rather than turf, it uses bristles which allows you hit through the ball with almost no resistance.

To me it feels like you’re hitting out of light rough with ball propped up.

Ultimately I decided to make a change because my elbow got better and I wanted something that felt a little more realistic.

Best for Injury Prevention
fiberbuilt 4x7 grass studio mat
Fiberbuilt Grass Studio Mat
  • Multiple sizes and configuration
  • 4×7 Studio Mat is perfect for Foresight and Skytrak launch monitors that sit on the side

Best Value – Carl’s Divot Hitting Strip

carl's divot hitting strip

Many people choose to only use a hitting strip rather than a full size mat that you stand on. 

In order to do this you must have a subfloor built into your golf simulator that’s the same height as your hitting strip so that it lines up flush.

The Carl’s Divot Hitting Strip is a great one to try for this and Carl’s Place even provides step-by-step instructions for how to insert the hitting strip into your flooring.

I preferred the Advanced version which is firmer than the Beginner version but I still felt it had enough compression that it wouldn’t cause any pain.

Carl’s Place is also a great company and every interaction I’ve had with them has been great. 

Read the review of the Carl’s Divot Action hitting strip.

Realistic Divot Action
Carl’s HotShot Mat & Divot Action Hitting Strip
  • Multiple sizes
  • Pre-cut insert, ready to replace with the Divot Action Hitting Strip

The Holy Grail Hitting Strip

holy grail hitting strip

The Holy Grail Hitting Strip is almost identical to the Carl’s Divot Hitting Strip except the Holy Grail doesn’t come in different softness options. It’s very soft and would be closest to the Beginner version of the Carl’s Divot Hitting Strip.

The Holy Grail Hitting Strip does come in multiple sizes so you can find the perfect fit. One of those sizes makes a perfect replacement for Fiberbuilt Grass sections so you can replace the grass bristles without having to buy a whole different mat.

EZ Tee Hybrid

ez tee hybrid

The EZ Tee Hybrid is different from all the other options I tested because it is nothing but a strip of turf. There are no other layers like foam or rubber. 

That means it’s easy to get in almost any size you need and the longer fibers mean you can use a real golf tee to tee up your ball.

I found it to feel very realistic when hitting but a bit too “grabby” for me which made me pretty cautious about potential injuries to my lead arm.

True Strike

true strike golf mat

The True Strike mats are modular, meaning each mat is built with sections that are interchangeable so you can add more sections to make your mat larger if you’d like.

I found the gel section which is the part you hit on to be rather unimpressive and not what I was hoping for. 

Overall, I felt that there were much better options for similar or less money and was pretty disappointed with the True Strike mats.

Golf Simulator Hitting Mat Buying Guide

I find that there are at least 3 main factors to consider when choosing the right hitting mat for your golf simulator: Injury Prevention, Realism, and the Fit Within Your Simulator.

Injury Prevention

When I put together my first practice setup in my garage I spent all my time choosing the right launch monitor and very little (or no time) considering which hitting mat to get. 

While the launch monitor probably still is the most important piece to your golf simulator you will realize very quickly how important a good hitting mat is if you develop an injury from a bad hitting mat.

That’s exactly what happened to me. About 30 days in, I developed some brutal tendonitis in my lead elbow. After some googling I discovered that tennis elbow and golfers elbow are extremely common injuries resulting from hitting golf balls off of mats.

I quickly replaced my mat with a Fiberbuilt Grass mat and after about a year along with physical therapy my elbow is finally in pretty decent shape. I for sure would have rather spent more money upfront and skipped the injury.

To prevent injuring your lead arm you should go with a reputable mat that is either widely used for home golf simulators and/or used in commercial golf spaces. Avoid no-name Amazon purchases, it’s not worth it.

If you already have some pain in your arm you’ll probably want to go with something on the softer side like the SIGPRO Softy

If you’ve got a real injury that you’ve been dealing with for a while, the Fiberbuilt Grass series has basically zero impact. Unfortunately you are giving up a little bit of realism for that lack of resistance though.


Everybody wants their hitting mat to be as close to the real thing as possible, but unfortunately no mat is perfect.

Some, however, are much more realistic than others. To me, the way to think about this is how well will the feeling you get indoors translate to the course.

If your hitting strip is too soft you might get on the course and use your golf club as a shovel – digging straight into the ground.

If it’s too hard you might start avoiding impact and develop a bad habit of “picking” the ball clean with no divot on the course. Or worse, you might develop an injury.

Unfortunately it’s almost impossible to try out every golf mat before you buy so try to consider your own golf swing and what might be best for you. Read lots of reviews to get a sense of how it feels. 

If you have questions, ask me! Leave a comment and I’ll do my best to answer.

Want to skip the research? I found the SIGPRO Softy to be both very realistic AND soft, which is why I think it’s best for almost everybody.

Fit Within the Golf Simulator

Another factor is will it fit and look within your golf simulator? Some people spend a ton of money on building a high end golf simulator in their home and of course they want it to look good.

Obviously the look of the mat will be subjective but you may want to consider the sizing and especially the height.

It’s very common to use puzzle piece foam flooring as a sub-floor for golf simulators and you may want the flooring to line up flush with your hitting mat so that you can putt from the mat all the way to your screen.

If that’s important to you you’ll want to consider the mat height.

Other considerations might be the size of the hitting strip and whether you need a center-hitting mat so that lefties and righties can both use it.

Some launch monitors like the Foresight GCQuad and the Uneekor EyeXO have pretty large hitting areas and it might be nice to use a mat like the Fiberbuilt Player Preferred which has a 2’x4’ hitting strip.

Final Thoughts

Don’t overlook the importance of a good hitting mat when planning your golf simulator. 

Not only does it affect every shot you take, it can also cause injuries that can keep you from playing golf for quite a while.

Please take the time to read the reviews on this site and let me know if you have any questions.

If you’re wanting to skip the research – my top 2 are the SIGPRO Softy and the Fiberbuilt Player Preferred.

I think the Fiberbuilt Player Preferred is great but probably too firm for high handicappers and the SIGPRO Softy would be great for just about anybody.

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