Uneekor’s 2024 Releases: Eye Mini Lite, AI Trainer, G-Vision, Game Day

Uneekor, a leading provider of golf simulation technology, showcased several exciting new products at the 2024 PGA Show.

These innovative releases include the Eye Mini Lite launch monitor, the AI Swing Trainer, the G-Vision display system, and the Eye Sim Kiosk.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these cutting-edge offerings.

Eye Mini Lite Launch Monitor

The Eye Mini Lite is a compact and powerful launch monitor that provides golfers with the same valuable data as the original Eye Mini but without the portability.

uneekor eye mini lite

It is designed to be used exclusively indoors and will require a power cord and an ethernet connection to a PC.

The Eye Mini Lite does not have its own display as all of the data will be viewable within the PC software.

All of the Uneekor software and accessories such as Swing Optix cameras and the Balance Optix mat will still function with the Eye Mini Lite making it a much more affordable launch monitor that is just as powerful as the original Eye Mini.

I personally think the Eye Mini Lite will be a huge success in the home golf simulator space for 2024.

AI Swing Trainer

The AI Swing Trainer is an exciting addition to Uneekor’s software subscription program.

This AI-powered trainer analyzes your swing and provides valuable feedback to help you improve your game. It uses advanced algorithms to measure your body positions and swing path from a face-on and down-the-line standpoint.

The AI Swing Trainer also takes into account the club and ball data from any Uneekor launch monitor.

It provides a swing score out of 100, highlighting areas for improvement. For example, it may suggest working on your backswing or focusing on your transition from top to bottom.

uneekor ai trainer

Overall, the AI Swing Trainer is a valuable tool for golfers looking to refine their technique.

The AI Swing Trainer will be rolled out as part of Uneekor’s software subscription program. It is expected to be priced at $199 per year, similar to their other software offerings.

The release is planned for Q2 or Q3 of this year, so golfers can look forward to using this innovative training tool in the near future.

Eye Sim Kiosk

The Eye Sim Kiosk is a new and exciting product developed in partnership with LG. It features a 43-inch touchscreen monitor housed in a full aluminum case, providing durability and protection.

The kiosk is designed for easy use and comes with the Eye Mini Lite launch monitor, a touchscreen, and a gaming PC built into the unit.

uneekor eye sim kiosk

The Eye Sim Kiosk also includes a face-on camera and an additional Swing Optix camera for down-the-line analysis. This all-in-one solution allows golfers to analyze their swing from multiple angles and make adjustments accordingly.

Additionally, the kiosk can be equipped with the Balance Optix mat, which measures weight distribution and center of mass during the swing.

The Eye Sim Kiosk is suitable for both residential and commercial use. It offers a comprehensive golf simulation experience at an attractive price point of under $10,000. Whether you’re setting up a man cave or a professional golf facility, the Eye Sim Kiosk provides everything you need in one sleek package.

The Eye Sim Kiosk is expected to be available in Q2 or Q3 of this year, making it a highly anticipated addition to Uneekor’s lineup of golf simulation products.

G-Vision Display System

The G-Vision display system, also known as Ground Vision, is another exciting product from Uneekor. It combines seven key parameters from the View software with the Balance Optix mat to provide golfers with real-time feedback right at their feet.

The G-Vision system projects the data onto the ground, allowing golfers to see their heat map and weight distribution without having to look away from the ball. This experiential approach provides a more intuitive understanding of how the data relates to their body movements.

uneekor g-vision

The G-Vision system is designed to work seamlessly with the View software and can be easily integrated into any home or commercial setup. It offers a bright and clear display, even in well-lit environments.

To add the G-Vision system to your Uneekor setup, you will need an additional projector. Uneekor recommends a projector with over 1,000 lumens for optimal brightness.

The G-Vision system is expected to be available around the same time as the other new releases, in Q3 of this year.

Game Day Simulation Software

Uneekor is also working on Game Day, a golf simulation software that offers a realistic and immersive playing experience.

Currently in beta testing, Game Day allows golfers to play on 50 to 70 US courses right from their simulator. What sets Game Day apart is its ability to scan and recreate custom golf courses.

Uneekor can come to your club or resort and capture every detail of the course using cameras, resulting in a highly accurate and realistic virtual representation.

Game Day requires two monitors, one for the player’s view and one for an overview of the players and the hole. It also displays club data, allowing golfers to see their contact and ball impact in real-time.

Game Day is expected to be released in Q3 of this year, offering golfers a unique and immersive golf simulation experience.

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Uneekor’s new products showcased at the 2024 PGA Show offer golfers innovative and exciting ways to improve their game and enjoy a realistic golf simulation experience.

From the compact and powerful Eye Mini Lite launch monitor to the AI Swing Trainer that provides valuable feedback on your swing, Uneekor’s offerings cater to golfers of all skill levels.

The Eye Sim Kiosk provides an all-in-one solution for residential or commercial use, while the G-Vision display system offers real-time feedback right at your feet.

Lastly, the Game Day simulation software allows golfers to play on a variety of courses and even recreate their own custom courses.

With these new products, Uneekor continues to push the boundaries of golf simulation technology, providing golfers with the tools they need to improve their game and have fun on the virtual course.

Stay tuned for the release of these exciting products in the coming months.

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