Uneekor Eye Mini vs GCQuad Accuracy Comparison

The Eye Mini is the first portable launch monitor available from Uneekor. Uneekor is a trusted brand in the golf simulator space and has a great reputation built from their overhead mounted launch monitors like the EyeXO and QED.

When I test a new launch monitor one of the first things I try to do is test it’s accuracy by comparing it to my Foresight GCQuad

Great Pick

Uneekor Eye Mini

  • Portable, camera-based launch monitor
  • Slow-motion video replay of impact
  • Officially supported for GSPRO Simulation Software

The GCQuad is widely accepted as the most accurate launch monitor available, especially indoors.

These two launch monitors are in totally different price ranges so we’re really looking at the comparison as a way to see how the Eye Mini performs relative to the best launch monitor available.

If you’re looking for a comparison with something that’s more of a direct competitor and closer in price, check out the Eye Mini vs Launch Pro article.

Let’s get started with the Eye Mini vs GCQuad!

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Technology Comparison

The Eye Mini uses 2 infrared cameras to capture the impact of the club head and the golf ball. From this small window of what happens at impact, the Uneekor algorithm can calculate exactly what the entire ball flight will look like.

This is not unique to Uneekor launch monitors, all photometric launch monitors work this way which is why they sit just to the side of the golf ball and do not require any specific space for tracking ball flight.

If you can safely swing a golf club in your space you can use a photometric launch monitor.

The cool thing about the Eye Mini is that, unlike other photometric launch monitors, the Eye Mini actually provides the user with the slow-motion video taken at impact.

To capture club data the Eye Mini requires a single reflective sticker be placed near the toe of the club. This is what the cameras use to track the club face.

This is the same way the Foresight GCQuad works, except the GCQuad has 4 cameras using quadrascopic vision and Foresight’s own algorithm which has proven to be accurate enough for PGA Tour Players.

The GCQuad also requires club stickers for data and you have the option of placing a single sticker near the top-center of the club face or using 4 stickers for the maximum amount of data including impact position and closure rate.

There’s no question the GCQuad is superior technology but what we want to find out is how the Eye Mini stacks up next to it.

Eye Mini vs GCQuad Accuracy Comparison

In order to test the accuracy of the Eye Mini I performed a shot comparison test in which I set both launch monitors up to track each golf shot.

I was able to set them both next to each other with their hitting zones overlapping to track a single shot.

eye mini vs gcquad setup

Next I used a laser level to project a straight line down my hitting strip. I used this line to align the GCQuad and Eye Mini as best as I could.

I hit 6 shots with a gap wedge, 7 iron, and driver to compare the results.

Since the stickers used for club data are required to be placed in different locations on the club face I was not able to compare the club data. I left them set up for the Eye Mini.

Most launch monitor comparisons discuss the carry distance but personally I think that is just scratching the surface. I think it’s fairly easy for a launch monitor to calculate carry distance but what is equally important is spin.

Sidespin is what determines which direction and how much the golf ball curves. The curve of the golf ball is part of what determines where it lands and that is really the most important part of golf.

In this accuracy test I was interested not only in carry distance but also sidespin and offline distance. Offline distance is the distance left or right of your target.

I recommend you watch the video of this test above but I can say that the Eye Mini performed better than I was expecting. 

I found that the Eye Mini was consistently about 3 yards longer in carry distance. I find that to be acceptable, especially since it was consistent.

Throughout the entire test I found that the spin was relatively close on almost every shot which was surprising to me. During my time testing the Eye Mini before this comparison I felt that there were a lot of shots that had a wild amount of sidespin, much more than I would have expected.

When I got to the driver there was finally one shot that showed a huge difference from the GCQuad. The Eye Mini showed a massive hook while the GCQuad showed a massive slice.

uneekor eye mini accuracy test

During this entire test I was hitting the ball terribly, but I think that actually makes it a harder test for the Eye Mini as there are more extremes in the spin on mishit shots.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I was impressed with how the Eye Mini performed vs the GCQuad. I still do believe there may be some issues with the sidespin where the Eye Mini incorrectly shows a massive amount of curve incorrectly but this test confirms that the majority of shots are very accurate.

To read more about my overall experience beyond just this comparison check out my full Eye Mini Review. 

Great Pick

Uneekor Eye Mini

  • Portable, camera-based launch monitor
  • Slow-motion video replay of impact
  • Officially supported for GSPRO Simulation Software

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