Uneekor Eye Mini Lite Will Dominate Home Golf Simulators in 2024

The Eye Mini Lite is a new launch monitor from Uneekor that was announced at the PGA show in January of 2024.

The Eye Mini Lite is the successor to the Eye Mini, which was Uneekor’s first portable launch monitor and also their most affordable option.

The Eye Mini Lite is designed to be used primarily as an indoor simulator, making it a great choice for those who don’t plan on using their launch monitor outdoors.

What is the Eye Mini LITE?

eye mini lite

The Eye Mini Lite is not portable, meaning it needs to be plugged into power at all times. It also does not have Wi-Fi capabilities, so it can only be used with an ethernet connection to your PC.

Unlike the Eye Mini, the Eye Mini Lite does not have a display on the launch monitor itself. Instead, all the data is displayed on any screen connected to your PC, whether it’s a projector, a TV, or just the computer monitor.

The Eye Mini Lite offers the same ball and club data as the Eye Mini, but at a lower price point. It is priced at $2,750, making it Uneekor’s most affordable launch monitor.

Compatibility with Uneekor Universe

One of the great things about the Eye Mini Lite is that it is compatible with all the software and accessories in the Uneekor universe.

This includes Swing Optix cameras, Balance Optix pressure mat, View software, Refine simulation software, and the upcoming Game Day simulation software.

So, if you plan to add any of these products from Uneekor, they will work seamlessly with the Eye Mini Lite.

The Eye Mini Lite will also support some exciting new software features that were showcased at the PGA show. These updates include the AI Swing Trainer and Ground Vision, which projects all the data onto the hitting mat right by your feet.

Eye Mini Lite Subscription Packages

If you want to use the Eye Mini Lite with any third-party software (like GSPro), you will need to use the third-party connector from Uneekor. This connector is available as part of their subscription packages.

The lowest-priced package is the Pro package, which costs $199 per year. This package includes the third-party connector and allows you to connect to GSPro.

You will still need a GSPro subscription directly from GSPro.

Comparison to Other Launch Monitors

To understand why the Eye Mini Lite is such a big deal in the golf simulator world, let’s compare it to other launch monitors in a similar price range.

Bushnell Launch Pro vs Eye Mini Lite

The Bushnell Launch Pro starts at $2,000 for ball data only, or $3,500 for ball and club data.

However, to use any software with the Launch Pro, you need a $500 per year subscription.

In comparison, the Eye Mini Lite offers both ball and club data for $2,750 and a $199 per year subscription for third-party software. This makes the Eye Mini Lite a more affordable option compared to the Launch Pro.

Favorite Multi-Use

Bushnell Launch Pro

Our favorite launch monitor for those that want portability but excellent use in a golf simulator!

SkyTrak+ vs Eye Mini Lite

The SkyTrak+ is priced at $3,000 and includes club data. However, it has a really small hitting area and a noticeable shot delay.

It does work with GSPro, however, it’s not an official integration which means SkyTrak could stop it’s users from connecting to GSPro at any time without warning.

On the other hand, the Eye Mini Lite has an 8×12 inch hitting zone, no shot delay, and an official integration with GSPro.

It is a better option for indoor use and offers a more seamless experience at a lower price.

Amazing Value
  • Ball & Club Data
  • Minimal Space Required
  • Amazing Skytrak Software

Mevo+ vs Eye Mini Lite

The Mevo+ with the pro package is priced around $3,000 or less when it’s on sale (use discount code: FRIENDLY to save 5% more).

It is a radar-based launch monitor which performs best outdoors but many Mevo+ owners use it as an indoor golf simulator as well.

While it is very accurate for the most part, radar-based launch monitors can struggle to read spin correctly when indoors.

For the most accurate indoor simulator experience I always recommend that people go with a camera-based launch monitor.

In comparison, the Eye Mini Lite is camera-based and cheaper than Mevo+ with the pro package while offering similar ball and club data.

Top Pick

Flightscope Mevo+

Add the Pro Package for club data like Club Path, Face to Path, and Face to Target!

Original Eye Mini vs Eye Mini Lite

The Eye Mini Lite is the successor to the Eye Mini, which has a retail price of $4,500.

The Eye Mini Lite offers the same ball and club data as the Eye Mini but at a lower price point of $2,750.

In fact, it is exactly the same as the Eye Mini but without any portability features.

If portability is not a major concern, the Eye Mini Lite is a far more cost-effective option compared to the original Eye Mini.

Great Pick

Uneekor Eye Mini

  • Portable, camera-based launch monitor
  • Slow-motion video replay of impact
  • Officially supported for GSPRO Simulation Software


The Eye Mini Lite is a game-changer in the golf simulator world. It offers all the necessary ball and club data at a more affordable price compared to other launch monitors in its price range.

With its compatibility with the Uneekor universe and the exciting software updates, the Eye Mini Lite provides a seamless and immersive experience for golfers who don’t need to use their launch monitor outdoors.

Amazing Value

Uneekor Eye Mini Lite

  • Indoor, camera-based launch monitor
  • Stays connected to power and PC to use
  • Slow-motion video replay of impact
  • Officially supported for GSPRO Simulation Software

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