Score a Deal on a Used GCQuad With These 5 Sources & Tips

The Foresight GCQuad is basically the best of the best in portable launch monitors, especially indoors.

You will see GCQuads lining the driving range of every PGA Tour event. Along with Trackman, it’s in the top tier of launch monitors.

The reliability and accuracy come with a price though. A GCQuad generally costs between $15,000 – $20,000 depending on the options you choose.

They are built well and you can save thousands by buying a used GCQuad instead of a new one.

There are multiple sources for buying used launch monitors like the GCQuad which range from online retailers, auction sites, and private Facebook groups.

In this article I’m going to break down all of these sources to hopefully help you save some money on a used GCQuad.

Check for Pre-Owned GCQuads directly from Foresight Sports

Foresight runs specials almost every week on everything from their launch monitors to virtual courses.

A few times a year they might run a special on pre-owned GCQuads. 

The good thing about buying one directly from Foresight is they will recertify them and sell them with a one year warranty.

You can check the specials section of their website to see if they have any but it’s also worth giving them a call to check.

Buy Your Used GCQuad from 2nd Swing Golf

This source is my first choice for buying used launch monitors because you are able to buy directly from a reputable company for a flat price.

2nd swing

If you haven’t heard of 2nd Swing Golf, they are an online retailer that specializes in buying and selling used golf equipment. You could even trade in your old golf clubs (or other gear) towards purchasing your used GCQuad.

They will give you a rating on the condition of the launch monitor from 1 to 10 and a flat price.

2nd swing user reviews

2nd Swing also has relationships with some launch monitor manufacturers so you can often find “open box” items that are essentially brand new. 

used launch monitors

Check the rating and be sure to read the description for details on the launch monitor.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for be sure to check back often as their inventory changes frequently.

Check Used GCQuad Inventory

Bid on a Used GCQuad on eBay

People often forget about the largest auction site on the internet, eBay. It’s a “somewhat” safe source depending on the seller you buy from. 

used gcquad on eBay

Many eBay sellers are actual businesses and not individuals. Check their seller rating and read reviews from their previous transactions.

As long as you use a normal payment method for your purchase you should be covered under eBay’s Buyer Protection Program that will help you get your money back if there’s something wrong with your purchase.

NEVER pay for an eBay item outside of eBay such as using cash in person or mailing a check.

You can almost always find a GCQuad for sale on eBay since they are so popular.

Resale Groups on Facebook

Joining a Facebook group focused on golf simulator gear will help you find a ton of individuals building out their own home golf simulators and frequently are looking to buy or sell components like launch monitors.

Joining a Facebook group is different than just searching Facebook Marketplace.

I recommend the Golf Simulator – Used Gear – Buy/Sell/Trade group since it is focused on used gear.

facebook group for used golf simulator gear

This can be a great source to find a used Foresight GCQuad but you have to be very careful to avoid scammers. 

The group administrator will do their best to kick out any suspicious or known scammers but they are impossible to keep out completely.

The group rules require a photo of the item including a handwritten note with the seller’s name and date. This is because a handwritten note in a photo is pretty difficult (not impossible) to photoshop in.

If the seller is local to you that’s great. You can meet up and check out the item before paying.

If the seller is shipping you the item you need to be even more careful. You should only pay for the item using PayPal Goods & Services because of its buyer protection.

Additionally, it’s good practice to get on a video call with the seller so that you can confirm the seller has it in their position and you can see them turn it on or demonstrate that it’s working.

There are plenty of deals on used launch monitors in these groups but you do need to take precautions when buying from people you don’t know on the internet!

Simulator Golf Tour Classified Channels on Discord

The Simulator Golf Tour uses Discord for its members to communicate but anyone can join their Discord. In fact, if you use GSPro I would recommend it.

Within their Discord they have two threads for Classifieds:



WTB stands for “want to buy”. 

discord classifieds

You can jump into these threads and see if any members have what you’re looking for. 

The folks here are all going to be big golf simulator enthusiasts and pretty active within the GSPro community but you’re still going to want to take every precaution you would as if you were buying from someone off of Facebook. 

Jump into these threads and see if you can find the used GCQuad you’re looking for…

Other Considerations When Buying a Used GCQuad

Clubhead Measurement Add-on

The clubhead measurement add-on is needed for your GCQuad to provide any club data such as club path, club speed, impact location, etc.

Foresight charges $4000 for this feature and it’s tied to the device itself.

Essential Putting Analysis Add-on

This feature is similar to the Clubhead Measurement Add-on but specifically for putting. Foresight charges $2500 for it.

You can verify if these add-ons are activated for the device by scrolling through the menu.

gcquad tracking modes

FSX Licenses

A large part of the cost of Foresight launch monitors is the included licenses for Foresight software such as FSX Pro, FSX 2020, and FSX Play.

Also, a seller may advertise specific golf courses for FSX software that are included with the GCQuad. 

You’ll want to find out if the seller will be handing over access to their FSX account or if you will need to request a transfer from Foresight. 

Transfer fees can be very high so you’ll want to find out before completing the transaction.

Final Thoughts

Even buying a used GCQuad is a large amount of money so please take every precaution possible if you’re buying from an individual you don’t know.

That said, buying used can be a great way to save thousands of dollars on a high end launch monitor like a GCQuad.

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