Flightscope’s New Features for 2024: Mevo+ Limited Edition

FlightScope, a leading provider of golf launch monitors, has introduced several exciting new features for its customers at the 2024 PGA Show.

In this article, we will explore the Mevo+ Limited Edition, the AR Shot Tracer, the Club Optimizer, and the Badger AI. These new additions are designed to enhance the golfing experience and provide golfers with valuable insights into their game.

Mevo+ Limited Edition: A Stylish Upgrade

FlightScope has given the Mevo+ a fresh new look with the Limited Edition model. The Mevo+ Limited Edition features a sleek light gray front with a gray rubber band, giving it a distinct and stylish appearance.

mevo+ limited edition

But that’s not all that sets this edition apart. The Mevo+ Limited Edition comes fully loaded with the Pro Package, the Face Impact Location add-on, and a golf course pack specially created by E6.

This golf course pack includes renowned courses like Pebble Beach, the Old Course at St. Andrews, and Bethpage Black, among others. With a value of $1,000, this limited edition Mevo+ offers golfers an incredible package.

If you’re interested in the Mevo+ Limited Edition you can use coupon code: FRIENDLY for a 5% discount!

AR Shot Tracer: Enhancing the Swing Cam Experience

FlightScope has introduced the AR Shot Tracer, a new feature available in the FS Golf app. With an iPad connected to the Mevo+, golfers can now see their shots in real-time with trajectory and trace overlays.

flightscope ar tracer

By simply hitting a shot, the video is processed together with the Mevo+ shot data. This allows golfers to view their shots with the tracer, providing a visual representation of their ball flight.

Flightscope Environmental Optimizer: Plan Ahead for Your Golf Trips

The Environmental Optimizer is going to be available to Mevo+ users now instead of only Flightscope X3 owner.

The EO allows you to compare shots between your current location and a second location. The EO takes into account the wind, temperature, humidity and elevation of the other location and shows ball flights for both locations.

flightscope environmental optimizer

You’ll be able to prepare for your upcoming golf trip and know your numbers ahead to time.

Club Optimizer: Fine-Tuning Your Game

For Mevo+ owners with the Pro Package and the Face Impact Location add-on, FlightScope has introduced the Club Optimizer. This powerful tool allows golfers to optimize their numbers for specific clubs.

Using face mapping from the face location, golfers can select the clubs they want to optimize and adjust their smash, launch, and spin to their desired ranges. The Club Optimizer also allows golfers to optimize for carry distance, total distance, trajectory (low, medium, high), and surface type (soft, medium, hard).

flightscope club optimizer

Badger AI: Your Personal Golf Assistant

FlightScope has introduced Badger AI, an AI component that provides golfers with valuable insights and answers to their questions. Golfers can ask Badger AI specific questions about their session, such as their average club path over the last five sessions.

Badger AI also provides explanations for various data parameters, helping golfers better understand their performance. This subscription-based model is available for beta testing, and interested golfers can sign up on the FlightScope website.

FlightScope continues to innovate and provide golfers with cutting-edge technology to enhance their game.

The Mevo+ Limited Edition, AR Shot Tracer, Club Optimizer, and Badger AI are all exciting additions that offer golfers valuable insights and enhancements to their golfing experience.

FlightScope’s commitment to innovation and providing golfers with cutting-edge technology is evident in these new features.

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Flightscope Mevo+

Add the Pro Package for club data like Club Path, Face to Path, and Face to Target!

Whether it’s the stylish Mevo+ Limited Edition, the immersive AR Shot Tracer, the customizable Club Optimizer, or the informative Badger AI, FlightScope is dedicated to enhancing the golfing experience and helping golfers improve their game.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments from FlightScope in the future.

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