What is the GSPro Discord and Where is the Link?

If you’re researching GSPro golf simulator software before you buy it you may have heard about the GSPro discord. 

Technically it’s not a GSPro discord server, it’s actually for the Simulator Golf Tour.

The Simulator Golf Tour is a separate entity that hosts competitive leagues / tours using GSPro as the platform.

The Simulator Golf Tour has a separate annual fee to be a member but you do not have to be an SGT member to join their discord server (although I would recommend joining, it’s fun).

Whether you join the Simulator Golf Tour or not, you should be familiar with their discord server because there’s a ton of helpful information about GSPro along with helpful members.

It’s a great place to go for support and troubleshooting as well.

Below you can find a GSPro discord link to join and an explanation for some of what you can find there.

The Simulator Golf Tour Discord server is technically a “private” server and requires that a member invite you by sending you an invitation link.

Here is a link to join the SGT Discord –

Don’t worry, it’s not really that private and anyone with an interest in GSPro or the Simulator Golf Tour is welcome.

These discord links have been shared over and over again online in forums and other groups but most of the links are set to expire after 7 days.

The invitation link in this article is set to never expire.

What is Discord?

Discord is a communication platform designed for creating communities and connecting people through voice, video, and text communication.

It was initially developed with a focus on gamers, but it has since expanded to encompass various interest groups, businesses, educational institutions, and more.

Discord allows users to communicate in real-time, making it popular for online communities, gaming teams, study groups, and other collaborative endeavors.

Here are some key features and aspects of Discord:

  1. Servers: Discord operates on a server-based system. Users can create or join servers, which are essentially organized spaces where people can interact. Servers can be public or private, and they can center around specific topics, games, hobbies, or interests.
  2. Channels: Within a server, you can have different channels for various types of communication. Text channels allow for written discussions and sharing of images, links, and files, while voice channels facilitate real-time voice communication. Video channels also allow for video conferencing.
  3. Roles and Permissions: Server administrators can assign roles to users, which determine their level of access and permissions within the server. This helps in maintaining order and organization within larger communities.
  4. Voice and Video Calls: One of Discord’s core features is its support for voice and video calls. Users can hop into voice channels to have conversations, whether it’s for gaming, casual chats, or collaborative work.
  5. Direct Messaging: In addition to server-based communication, Discord allows users to send direct messages to each other, making it a versatile platform for both group and one-on-one interactions.
  6. Cross-Platform: Discord is available on multiple platforms, including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and web browsers, making it accessible to users on various devices.

SGT Discord Channels

Once you have joined the server you will see a list of “channels” down the left side. Each of these are like separate “rooms” for discussion on the channel topic.

Some channels are active for discussion and some are locked and just hold a single post for sharing information.

gspro discord channels

Information & Help Area

These channels are for the basics of the Simulator Golf Tour. There’s lots of information here that’s helpful to new members.

The SOS Help Channel is very active and is one of the main places to go for general troubleshooting. At just about any time you can find people here that are happy to help you with technical issues.

If your problem is more related to your launch monitor you are probably better off posting your question directly in the appropriate launch monitor discussion further down the list. We’ll get to that soon.

Developer Announcements

This area is for GSPro to directly share information with the community. 

SGT Members Area

This area holds most of the main member discussion channels. This is also where you should go if you’re looking for someone to play online with.

You can post in the looking-for-game channel and find someone to play with anywhere in the world. 

Once you’ve found your playing partners you can choose one of the voice chat lobbies to go into and talk or share video while you’re playing your round.

There are also other, more specific looking for game channels that start with “lfg”

Launch Monitor Channels

There are multiple channels for the most common launch monitors used with GSPro. 

This is a great place for general discussion about your launch monitor and some have dedicated channels for help connecting to GSPro.

gspro discord launch monitor connection help

Check out Ralph P’s video walkthrough of the SGT Discord for even more tips.

You can also find help connecting with one of our GSPro connection guides on this site.

Discord Help

Remember to try the search function in discord before asking a question that may have been asked before. Most likely it has been asked and answered many times.

You can learn more about the basics of Discord in their basic user guide.

Wrap Up

Before subscribing to GSPro you’ll want to make sure you’re computer at least meets the minimum requirements.

Once you’re all set up with GSPro, check out our article on the best GSPro courses for a good place to start playing!

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